Tianjin Dagang Olympic Museum

Officially opened to the public on 27 September 2009, the Tianjin D. Olympic Museum has more than 5,000 items, 3,000 of which are displayed in the exhibition hall. The main building of the museum has a glass diamond-shaped design, which reflects the spirit of the Olympics with its purity and sturdiness. 

The Tianjin D. Olympic Museum is committed to passing on the legacy of Olympic culture, promoting the Olympic spirit, and giving the general public the opportunity to experience the timeless passion of the Games with historical facts, fashion items and a range of entertaining features.


236, Bo Wu Guan Road
South of Guangang Lake
Dagang, Binhai New District
Tianjin 300274
People's Republic of China

T: +886 92 27 72 46 59

Director: Mr Ching-Kuo Wu

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