The Olympic Experience - Tel Aviv

The Olympic Experience invites you to a fascinating, guided activity that takes in the all-time greatest moments from the Olympic Games. This exciting, multi-sensory activity is highly recommended for the whole family. 

The activity takes place in five halls, representing the five Olympic rings. 

The Ring of Glory - The greatest moments from the Olympic Games. 

The History Ring - A fascinating journey from the beginning of the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece to the modern era.

The Israeli Ring - "Meet" the Israeli Olympic medallists as they recount their stories and reveal the secrets to their success.There is also the story of the eleven Israeli athletes who were killed in a terrorist attack at the Olympic Games Munich 1972 - as told by Esther Roth-Shahamorov

The Future Ring - Get to know the Israeli athletes who qualified for Rio 2016 and take a look at future Olympic Games.

The Ring of Experience - Experience the meaning of "biofeedback", stamina reaction speed and explosive strength. 

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