With a collection of more than 30,000 documents and artefacts - including nice old posters, unique artworks, trophies and sports equipment from famous Belgian athletes… - Sportimonium is “the” Belgian sports museum.

Set up in the bosom of the University of Leuven and located in a beach-house classified as a monument, Sportimonium preserves the Belgian sports heritage, memorizes former sports heroes and tells the (hi)story of sports in all of its facets.

One of the main cornerstones of the Sportimonium are the Olympic Games. The collection , related to the Olympic Games of Antwerp 1920 and to Victor Boin - the first Olympian to swear the Olympic oath - is rather impressive. One of the eye catchers is definitely the first Olympic flag in history.

Traditional games from Flanders and from all over the world, are another important cornerstone of the museum. Apart from gathering, studying and exhibiting traditional games, visitors can also experience a few of this games in the “traditional games garden” of the museum. For the safeguarding of traditional games, the Sportimonium has been granted by UNESCO with the title of “Best Practice Intangible Heritage”.


Bloso-domein Hofstade
Trianondreef 19
1981 Hofstade-Zemst

T: +32 15 61 82 22

Director: Mr Erik de Vroede

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