Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014The Mascot



The Hare, the Polar Bear and the Leopard


There are three mascots in a nod to the three places on the Olympic podium.


Silviya Petrova (Hare), Oleg Seredechniy (Polar Bear) and Vadim Pak (Leopard)

Did You Know?

The mascots for the Olympic Games were selected after a contest that was first held across the whole of Russia, then internationally. Some 24,048 drawings were received in total. Ten proposals were chosen by a jury of experts for the second phase of the contest. Professional designers then worked on them to refine their final shape. The final decision was taken in a vote by the Russian public as part of a TV programme entitled “Talismaniya Sochi 2014 - The Final” on 26 February 2011.

In 2012, Russia introduced a new 25-ruble coin, and the Sochi 2014 mascots had the honour to be featured on it.


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