Munich 1972

Munich 1972The Medals

On the obverse, the traditional goddess of victory, holding a palm in her left hand and a winner’s crown in her right. A design used since the 1928 Games in Amsterdam, created by Florentine artist Giuseppe Cassioli (ITA - 1865-1942) and chosen after a competition organised by the International Olympic Committee in 1921. For these Games, the figure of victory is accompanied by the specific inscription: "XX Olympiade München 1972".

On the reverse, Castor and Pollux, the twin sons of Zeus and Léda (the patrons of sports competitions and friendship), represented by two naked youths. The Organising Committee for the 1972 Games in Munich broke new ground by having a different reverse which was designed by a Bauhaus representative.

Designer: Giuseppe Cassioli; Gerhard Marcks

Composition: 1st Place (Gilt silver), 2nd Place (Silver), 3rd Place (Bronze)

Diameter: 66mm

Mint: Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt


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