Munich 1972

Munich 1972The Brand


It represents a crown of rays of light, a design symbolizing the spirit of the Munich Games—light, freshness, generosity—expressed by the design “Radiant Munich”. It was created by Otl Aicher, the designer and director of the visual conception commission. His project was chosen in spite of a competition whose 2,332 entries were unsatisfactory.



Numerous posters were created for these Games, notably a series on the theme of sports competitions and cultural events. The official poster was meant to promote not one specific sports event, but the whole of the Munich Games. It was supposed to express the specific spirit of the Games. Here, the design evokes the modern architecture of the sporting venues in a style and using colours which are purposefully simple and pure. In the centre of the background, the famous Olympic tower. 5,000 copies were made.


Munich 1972 : A Ground-breaking Look

From the decoration of urban areas to matchbooks, everything went together; everything followed the playful, colourful spirit inspired by Otl Aicher and his team; everything contributed to make the Munich Games a historic and instantly recognisable edition.



Munich 1972 Coins

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