Montreal 1976

Montreal 1976The Brand


It is made up of the Olympic rings mounted on an Olympic podium, which is also the graphic interpretation of the letter M, the initial of Montreal. In the centre, the athletics track, the focal point of the Games. This emblem invokes the universal fraternity offered by the Olympic Ideal, as well as the glory of the winners, the gallant spirit of their battles and the accession of Montreal to the rank of Olympic city.



The Games Organising Committee made two main series of posters. The first illustrated eight key themes: the emblem of the International Olympic Committee entitled “The Invitation” and representing the five rings reflected symbolically by successive waves, thus inviting the athletes from all the continents to the 1976 Olympic Games; the emblem of the Organising Committee; Kingston 1976; Olympia and the Olympic torch carrier; Montreal and Antiquity; the Olympic Stadium; the international youth camp; the mascot. The second series illustrated sports.




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The Brand

A visual identity is developed for each edition of the Olympic Games.

The Medals

Beginning as an olive wreath, medal designs have evolved over the years.

The Mascot

An original image, it must give concrete form to the Olympic spirit.

The Torch

An iconic part of any Olympic Games, each host offers their unique version.