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Do you know where Chloe Kim goes to college? How many gold medals has the snowboarder won? Can the Olympic champion speak Korean? Your top questions about America’s snowboarding Winter Olympian answered by

By Chloe Merrell
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Olympic gold medallist Chloe Kim has a habit of writing history.

Before her 16th birthday the American snowboarder became the only athlete in the history of the X Games to capture three gold medals.

After winning gold in the women’s snowboard halfpipe at PyeongChang 2018 competition aged just 17, Kim was catapulted into another dimension of fame. The world quickly became enamoured with their new teenage Winter Olympic champion, who off the back of her success in South Korea, went on to ad an X Games superpipe gold and a Dew Tour title to her stacked resumé.

To top her stellar year off she was included in TIME's 100 Most Influential People of 2018 and the magazines 25 Most Influential Teenagers of 2018.

Since then, she's been on The Masked Singer, completed a year of studies at Princeton and scooped up more X Games medals taking her title tally to six.

Think you know Chloe Kim? Test your knowledge of the snowboarding ace below.

How old is Chloe Kim?

Born 23 April 2000 Chloe Kim turned 21 in 2021.

The American’s age has often talked about with regards to her snowboarding success given how much she has already achieved.

At the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea Kim became the youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding gold medal after she stormed the halfpipe competition – her last score – 98.25 – just shy of the perfect 100.

What nationality is Chloe Kim?

Chloe Kim is a second-generation Korean-American.

Her parents, Boran Kim and Jong Jin are Korean are both immigrants from South Korea to the United States.

Kim was born and raised in Torrance, California meaning that when she competes, she represents Team USA. She can speak English and Korean as well as French after spending third and fourth grade studying in Geneva, Switzerland.

Does Chloe Kim have siblings?

Kim has two half-sisters from her dad’s previous marriage. Their names are Tracy and Erica, and they are much older than the snowboarder.

How tall is Chloe Kim?

Kim stands at 5ft 3 tall, which is 160cm.

When did Chloe Kim start snowboarding?

Kim first began snowboarding at the age of four alongside her father. Both were novices to life on the snow, but Kim’s father soon recognised his daughter’s potential.

After seeing Kim flourish, Jong Jin made the decision to quit his job as an engineer at the time and devote his time to becoming Chloe’s full-time coach.

Soon Kim began home-schooling while her dad would drive her nearly five hours through the night from their home in La Palma to Mammoth so that she would be taught by the best.

By the age of 13 Kim was entering professional competitions – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Where does Chloe Kim go to college?

Just one month after winning an historic gold at the Games in South Korea Kim was accepted into Princeton University – a prestigious Ivy League university. The snowboarder made the decision to defer her enrolment until 2019.

After stepping away from her snowboard to focus on her studies Kim was granted a leave of absence by Princeton so that she can renew her focus on snowboarding and get back into form ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, and so far, even with 22 months off the American is soaring.

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Does Chloe Kim have Instagram?

Yes! Kim does her Instagram her handle is @ChloeKim.

She is also on other social media platforms including Twitter (@Chloe Kim) and TikTok (@chloekim).

Does Chloe Kim surf?

While other Olympic gold medallist snowboarders such as Shaun White are avid surfers Chloe Kim is less so.

The Californian native, who grew up next to the beach, loves to swim but admits that surfing is not her strong suit. In an interview with Monster Energy Kim she revealed her desire to get better at the sport”

“I’m going to work out, get in good shape, have some fun, go to the beach and go to the beach. Learn how to surf maybe.”

“I have [surfed before] but I just almost drown every time so I try not to do it!”

What board does Chloe Kim ride?

2018 Olympic champion Kim rides a Roxy snowboard.

In 2020 announced that she had left Burton after seven years to sign with exclusively female actions sports brand sponsor Roxy.

The American’s helmet, equipment and apparel are often a great source of attention. At PyeongChang Kim wore a white knitted hat with a chunky pom-pom on the top. If you put ‘Chloe Kim hat’ into a search engine you will find lots of imitations of her headwear from the Games.

Are Shaun White and Chloe Kim friends?

White and Kim’s worlds collided in a major, golden way after both Americans took the title of Olympic champion in the halfpipe competitions at PyeongChang 2018.

According to the most decorated snowboarder of all time, their paths may have crossed a little earlier. White recalled at a halfpipe contest several years ago a 13-year-old girl named Chloe causing a huge upset.

Now there is nothing but respect between the two riders who both honed their skills at Mammoth.

Will Chloe Kim compete in the 2022 Olympics in Beijing, China?

After winning her historic gold on the halfpipe in South Korea, Kim has been ramping up her preparations for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

In November 2021, she was named to the 2021-2022 U.S. snowboarding team alongside other gold medallists from PyeongChang including Red Gerard and Shaun White.

Speaking exclusively to about the Games in February 2022, Kim revealed how she is sure of herself and what she needs to do:

“"I already know what I'm doing. I have a very clear picture what I need to do as an athlete and going into the Olympics. I'm very well prepared."

As for her approach to defending her title the American kept her cards close to her chest:

"I just want to go into it as a mystery. No one knows what I'm thinking; no one knows what I’m going to do.

"And it's just fun and exciting when you don't know what's happening."

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