Hanyu Yuzuru: Future plans in progress but holding back on details

The figure skating world is eagerly waiting for more details on how the Japanese legend plans on spending his future on the ice after announcing his retirement from competitive skating.   

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What now for Hanyu Yuzuru?

After the two-time Olympic champion announced his retirement on Tuesday (19 July), the figure skating world and his millions of fans are eagerly awaiting more details on how he envisions his future on and off the ice.

Will the Japanese legend be doing more shows like the "Fantasy on Ice" tour he completed at the end of June?

"There are plans in progress but I'm holding back from giving you details," the 27-year-old was quoted as saying by Kyodo News.

"I think there are more ways to exhibit figure skating befitting this time and age. I hope to make the fans who never came to watch want to come. "

Hanyu said in his retirement presser that he plans to continue skating professionally in non-competitive shows as it gives him a chance to continue his bid to land the elusive quad Axel.

"I continued until Beijing pursuing the quad Axel. I feel I can do it, not necessarily in competitions," said Hanyu, who always focused on winning with style. "I actually feel it gives a chance for more people to see it."

But when does he intend to be on the ice the next time - and where?

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Hanyu peers full of praise for Japanese legend

Hanyu's retirement after an amazing 12-year-career marks the end of an era in figure skating.

While the two-time world champion is hoping to reach new heights as an artist on ice, former colleagues, rivals and mentors showered him him with praise and gratitude.

His longtime coach, Brian Orser, expressed "heartfelt gratitude for our amazing journey" on Instagram.

"Keep inspiring the world. Be you."

Beijing 2022 Olympic champion Nathan Chen touched on Hanyu's incredible impact on figure skating.

"It's been the honor of a lifetime to have been able to stand on the same ice as Yuzuru Hanyu," the American posted on Instagram.

"Thank you for everything you have done for the sport, and everything you will undoubtedly continue to do for it."

The American won his first Olympic gold in the Chinese capital while his Japanese rival finished fourth.

His former training partners Javier Fernandez and Olympic team medallist Jason Brown were full of love for Hanyu.

Brown thanked him for having "forever changed our sport".

Spain's two-time world champion Fernandez, who has always shared a special bond with the iconic skater, congratulated him for an "incredible career" and said "thank you for every lesson you gave to the skating world."

"With your effort, year by year, you became a legend, a star."

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Additionally, International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach called Hanyu "a true Olympic champion", adding: "We will keep following you and look forward to seeing you again."

Uno Shoma and Kagiyama Yuma grateful for Hanyu's presence

Japan's 2022 world champion Uno Shoma called Hanyu his "beacon".

"Of course what past skaters have done helped make figure skating so popular but Yuzuru made a massive difference," the Beijing 2022 bronze medallist said in a statement.

"He achieved what no one else had ever achieved, year in, year out always on the front line no matter how difficult things became. No one can beat that. He was my beacon, always there for me to chase. I will do what I can to pass on to the next generation, the way he paved for us."

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Kagiyama Yuma, who won silver in the Beijing Games, praised Hanyu for his attitude.

"The attitude of continuing to challenge is one of the things I learned the most," the two-time world silver medallist shared on Twitter.


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