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It is made up of the Olympic rings above a Roman she-wolf, from which Remus and Romulus are suckling. They are the twin brothers who, according to legend, founded the city of Rome. Between them, is the date, 1960, written in roman numerals.



This was the result of a competition in which some 212 artists participated. It is made up of a Roman she-wolf, from which Remus and Romulus, founders of the city of Rome, are suckling, on top of a column. Underneath, a victorious athlete being crowned in accordance with Roman custom, surrounded by people dressed in togas cheering him. Some 290,000 copies in 11 languages were produced.


Rome 1960: Long Live Ancient Rome!

Ancient Greece was the birthplace of the Olympic Games, but Rome’s past is just as glorious. Proud of its grandeur, the city gave it pride of place on everything, everywhere!

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