Barcelona 1992

Barcelona 1992The Brand


The official emblem, designed by Josep Maria Trias from Barcelona, depicted a dynamic human figure in a stance that suggested someone jumping an obstacle (which consisted of the five Olympic rings) and the simple, gestural lines reduced the characterisation of the figure to the head (in the blue of the Mediterranean), the arms (the yellow of the sun and wide open in sign of hospitality) and the legs (a vivid red).



The Organising Committee for the Barcelona Olympic Games developed a highly ambitious project, which involved 58 different posters grouped in four collections: the official Olympic posters, the painters' posters, the designers' posters and the photographic sports posters. For the four official sports posters and the eight painters' posters, in addition to the normal print run, there was a limited edition in silk-screen and lithograph signed by the artists, which the Organising Committee used as prestigious gifts for the VIPs who visited Barcelona. Here one of the official posters with the emblem created by Josep M. Trias.


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The Brand

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