Allyson Felix makes ninth world championship team, Michael Norman loses 

It was back to business at the USATF Outdoor Championships where Allyson Felix and Michael Norman made the team for Doha 2019

By Ken Browne

Allyson Felix finished sixth in the USATF Outdoor Championships 400m all but guaranteeing her a ticket to a ninth consecutive World Championships in Doha this September.

The USA superstar made a celebrated return to the track after 13 months out on Saturday night.

And 'the mother of all comebacks' was complete when she placed sixth in 51.94 seconds, 1.73sec behind winner Shakima Wimbley.

Sixth place means she'll likely be picked for the relay team in Doha.

“I would love to be running for an individual spot at world championships," Felix said after the competiton in Des Moines/Iowa, "but where I’m at in my career — I’m grateful for all my experiences at world championships"

"I want to be back at the Olympics. I want that more than anything. I want to go out on my terms. A little sacrifice here or there I believe will be worth it.”- Alison Felix

First World Champs as a mom?

In three runs in Des Moines, Felix ran 52.50, 51.45 and 51.94, nowhere near her personal best of 49.26, but that's understandable considering she has only been training for four months.

The most decorated female Olympic track star ever with nine medals and six golds in the bank, she's been a fixture at every U.S. Olympic and World team all the way back to when she was 17 years old in 2003.

Typically for such a high achiever, Felix isn't satisfied yet and still wants more.

After a difficult childbirth, Felix is back on track and daughter Camryn and husband Kenneth Ferguson were supporting mom in the stands, camera pans revealing “Felix the Cat” outfits.

Camryn was born on Nov. 28 via emergency C-section at only 32 weeks.

“I did this off very little training, so that gives me a lot of hope,” Felix said after her second competitive races in two days.

But it's not 100% that we'll see Allyson Felix in Doha as her focus is firmly set on the Olympics.

She'll talk with coach Bobby Kersee about what's the best way forward for her if and when an invitation to run the 4x400 comes.

Kerley stuns Michael Norman

Fred Kerley clocked a personal best and beat favourite Michael Norman in the 400m.

Kerley's 43.64 was faster than Norman's 43.79.

Kerley made his first world team and Norman lost his first race in two years.

Later Norman, who's owned the 400m event in recent times, said an injury stopped him training properly for the last two weeks:

“Originally, I wasn’t supposed to run, I made the decision the day of racing. I warmed up and said I could do it.”

Two-time Paralympic medallist and double amputee Blake Leeper came in fifth in the 400m, which means he may be eligible to race in the 4x400 relay in Doha but that will depend on the outcome of a legal dispute with the IAAF.

Record breaker Hendricks

World champion and Olympic bronze medallist Sam Kendricks cleared 6.06 meters in pole vault, setting an American record en route to winning his sixth national title.

Keni Harrison clocked 12.44 in the women's 100m hurdles making sure of her spot in Doha, Olympic gold and silver medallists Brianna McNeal and Nia Ali will join her.