Olympic Channel launches brand new series: Winter Tracks – watch now

What does it take to be an Olympian? In a fresh, new series six winter athletes share their remarkable sporting journeys, showing the grit, determination, and resilience they need to make their dreams of competing at Beijing 2022 a reality. 

By Chloe Merrell

There is no one way to make it to the Olympics.

Athletes from across the globe, each with their own unique set of experiences, obstacles and talents, travel down a winding road riddled with twists and turns all with the hope of one day making it to the Games.

The Olympic Channel’s new series Winter Tracks shines a spotlight on that very variety, showcasing six winter Olympians as they prepare for Beijing 2022.

From teenage debutants representing small islands nations to tried and tested veterans carrying the weight of their ever-expectant nations, no one story is alike and yet, at the same time, they all share that common thread – the goal of making it to the Olympics.

Winter Tracks will delve deep into the lives of six athletes, following their story from the beginning and tracing obstacles they've encountered along the way.

The first two episodes follow alpine skiier William Flaherty and ice hockey great Jenni Hiirikoski.

With unbridled intimacy, a recurrent theme in every episode, Flaherty reveals his extraordinary ongoing fight to balance his persistent medical difficulties stemming from his childhood scare with cancer, and training for the Games. He demonstrates his resilient spirit, fighting tooth and nail to ensure he best represents Puerto Rico in Beijing.

Hiirikoski’s story pivots around the Finn’s transformation from small village girl to one of the game’s finest stars in a generation. It focuses on the 34-year-old’s quest for that ever-elusive Olympic gold medal – the one accolade the ice hockey star is yet to call her own.

Other episodes, which will drop later this month and into early 2022, star Australia’s snowboard cross favourite Belle Brockhoff, American Erin Jackson, who stunned the world after appearing at her first Olympic long track speed skating competition just four months after stepping onto an ice rink for the first time, Mexican figure skater Donovan Carillo and Israeli bobsled maverick Adam Edelman, a self-funded athlete committed to his Olympic dream.

How to watch Winter Tracks on Olympic Channel

You can Winter Tracks on Olympic Channel via Olympics.com. Click here to watch episodes one and two now.


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