Lausanne 2020 receives the keys to the Youth Olympic Village

The keys to the Youth Olympic Village, named the “Vortex”, were handed over to the Lausanne 2020 Organising Committee today during a ceremony on site.

Picture by Lausanne 2020

Born out of a partnership between the Canton of Vaud and the Vaud Pension Fund (CPEV), this symbolic building was developed and built in record speed and completed in time to serve its initial function as the Youth Olympic Village for Lausanne 2020. The hosting of the Winter Youth Olympic Games acted as the accelerator that enabled the authorities to create the necessary partnerships to develop this much-needed infrastructure, which will then serve as a student accommodation complex at the heart of the University of Lausanne campus.

During the Games, the Vortex will serve as the main Youth Olympic Village for the athletes and their delegations. For the first time in the history of the Youth Olympic Games, all athletes staying in Lausanne will be housed under one roof. The Vortex is a 27-metre high, ring-shaped construction made up of 712 units spread along a 1 per cent sloped, 2.8km single-spiral ramp. The Vortex’s ideal location, near multiple public transport routes, will facilitate the athletes’ journey between the Youth Olympic Village and the competition venues.

Lausanne 2020

In line with Lausanne 2020’s commitment to sustainability and to serving as a catalyst for development in the region, the Vortex was conceived as a long-term investment for young people, designed to respond to the ever-growing demand for student housing in the region. As of summer 2020, and for decades to come, the Vortex will provide accommodation for over 1,000 students, staff and academic visitors at the University of Lausanne.

Virginie Faivre, President of Lausanne 2020, said: “The Vortex will be an exceptional home for the young athletes during the Games. The Youth Olympic Games are not just about the sports – they are also about the people, the friendships and the memories created together. And what better way for young athletes to experience the Olympic dream to its fullest than by sharing it with the entire Olympic family under one roof?”


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