Meet Jagger Eaton, the bronze-winning American skateboarder, named after Mick!

With both rap and country music in his ears pre-competition, Jagger Eaton has the relaxed vibe you might expect of a skateboard star. But what don't you know? 

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With his family watching back home in Arizona - including their nine pets (and a bald cat named Friday!) - American Jagger Eaton won the U.S. their first-ever Olympic medal in skateboarding with the sport's debut at Tokyo 2020.

“I haven't really felt that good in a contest in a long time, like just vibing with my music,” Eaton told after winning bronze behind Japan's HORIGOME Yuto and Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil.

While it was four-time world champ Nyjah Huston who was expected to come away with hardware from Tokyo for Team USA, Eaton delivered his best in the final, while Huston ended up in seventh place.

So what was he listening to? And nine - nine! - pets? Find out more about the 21-year-old Arizona native.

Good music, good vibes, good moves

"What I was listening to that whole time was a Playboi Carti album, the new one. And then I was also listening like a little bit of country music as well. That's kind of the two genres that I really like to skate to," Eaton told us in an exclusive interview.

“Most of the time I use headphones to create like hype... create that aggressiveness sometimes that I need,” Eaton explained. “And without the crowd, honestly, it is really hard to get in that mindset of the job that you have in your hands. So really music for me, it just really helps me get in that mindset and keep me aggressive.”

And yes - you guessed it - Jagger is named after famous musician Mick Jagger.

"Both my parents had a big love for music and a big passion for music when I was little," he said on NBC. "They're the reason, obviously, why I have my name and kind of my music taste."

Aside from the music, he's pretty into a good game of Fortnite, too.

Jagger gives a big 'like' to the Olympics

While skateboarding was just added to the Olympic programme, Eaton has already been soaking in the atmosphere among the other Olympians in his debut.

He called Opening Ceremony "a lifelong dream fulfilled." (See above.)

"I mean, I didn't really know what the Olympic spirit was like until I showed up. And there really is nothing like the Olympic Games. There's just nothing," he said.

"And I feel it when I walk through the village. I feel it staying in my place with the homies. I feel it doing everything. And so I'm just going to cherish that and go eat tonight and hang out and talk with athletes and... Just do it, do the dream, live the dream" - Jagger Eaton on the Olympics

A skateboarder... with gymnastics roots

While skateboarding is the name of the game for Eaton, his parents are gymnastics coaches - meaning he was surrounded by the sport growing up as a kid, and spent many summer nights watching previous Olympics.

Their family's favourite gymnast? Simone Biles - no surprise.

Jagger said he FaceTimed his father after his victory, saying, "I was started yelling. I don't know if I made out words. I'm so hyped. My whole family worked so hard for this, too."

Eaton was given a skateboard at age four for Christmas, his dad building a mini ramp for him and his brother, Jett.

"It made me so happy," he said.

Family golf - and a special gift

Eaton's family is clearly close-knit: After a FaceTime with his dad, Jagger said that he would like to gift his bronze medal to his mother (below).

"Where am I going to put this medal?" he said on NBC. "Well, I don’t have a house yet, so I’m going to give it to my mom and she can do what she likes with it."

With his family in Arizona, Eaton said he'd like to get back to them as soon as possible - and celebrate his success, with a round of golf: "The dream celebration is me, my brothers, my little sister, all on a golf course playing 18 holes of golf in Arizona right now. That is by far the dream."

Animal central

Remember that cat(s) we mentioned at the beginning?

That's one of his family's nine animals at home in Arizona. At least four of those are Bernese mountain dog poodle mixes, which are named Mogli, Swazy, Chaca, and Fiona.

His mother breeds them. "Welcome to my life!" Eaton jokes in a video showing a day in his life.


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