Margielyn Didal of the Phillipines makes historic final 16 for skateboarding’s first Olympic appearance

The full list of names for both park and street disciplines in skateboarding have been confirmed for Tokyo 2020 and Margielyn Didal has made the cut.

By Ed Knowles
Picture by Tokyo 2020

Margielyn Didal was announced as part of the 20 women who will compete at Tokyo 2020 in the first ever Olympic street skateboarding competition as the full line up for all disciplines was announced by World Skate.

Didal also became the 10th Filipino to be confirmed as an Olympian.

Despite being ranked 17th, Didal was given a spot because Brazil already had three skaters with confirmed spots for the Olympics.

Pamela Rosa, Rayssa Leal and, Leticia Bufoni make up a strong Brazilian contingent in the street event.

In the men’s street competition, favourite Nyjah Huston’s spot was confirmed along with Horigome Yuto of Japan and popular Puerto Rican representative Manny Santiago.

Great Britain’s Sky Brown and Australia’s Poppy Starr Olsen are amongst the podium contenders who have been confirmed in the women’s park section.

Brown will turn 13 years old just a few weeks before the Olympics start.

Olympic silver medallist snowboarder Hirano Ayumu of Japan has qualified for the men’s park competition.

The USA pair of Heimana Reynolds and Cory Juneau are expected to be near the top of the pile come competition time in the men’s park.

They enter the Olympics ranked first and second in the world rankings respectively.

Full list of skateboarder who have qualified for the Olympic Games

Women’s Street

  1. Pamela Rosa (Brazil)
  2. Rayssa Leal (Brazil)
  3. Nishimura Aori (Japan)
  4. Leticia Bufoni (Brazil)
  5. Nishiya Momiji (Japan)
  6. Mariah Duran (United States)
  7. Roos Zwetsloot (Netherlands)
  8. Candy Jacobs (Netherlands)
  9. Hayley Wilson (Australia)
  10. Nakayama Funa (Japan)
  11. Alexis Sablone (United States)
  12. Keet Oldenbeuving (Netherlands)
  13. Margielyn Arda Didal (Philippines)
  14. Alana Smith (United States)
  15. Wenhui Zeng (China)
  16. Lore Bruggeman (Belgium)
  17. Julia Brueckler (Austria)
  18. Charlotte Hym (France)
  19. Asia Lanzi (Italy)
  20. Boipelo Awuah (South Africa)

Women’s Park

  1. Okamoto Misugu (Japan)
  2. Yosozumi Sakura (Japan)
  3. Sky Brown (Great Britain)
  4. Poppy Starr Olsen (Australia)
  5. Lizzie Armanto (Finland)
  6. Hiraki Kokona (Japan)
  7. Bryce Wettsein (United States)
  8. Dora Varella (Brazil)
  9. Isadora Rodgrigues Pacheco (Brazil)
  10. Brighton Zeuner (United States)
  11. Jordyn Barratt (United States)
  12. Yndiara Asp (Brazil)
  13. Julia Benedetti (Spain)
  14. Lilly Stoephasius (Germany)
  15. Xin Zhang (China)
  16. Madeleine Larcheron (France)
  17. Amelia Brodka (Poland)
  18. Josefina Tapia Varas (Chile)
  19. Bombette Martin (Great Briain)
  20. Melissa Williams (South Africa)

Men’s Street

  1. Nyjah Huston (United States)
  2. Horigome Yuto (Japan)
  3. Shirai Sora (Japan)
  4. Kevin Hoefler (Brazil)
  5. Gustavo Ribeiro (Portugal)
  6. Aurelien Giraud (France)
  7. Jake Illardi (France)
  8. Jagger Eaton (United States)
  9. Vincent Milou (France)
  10. Matt Berger (Canada)
  11. Manny Santiago (Puerto Rico)
  12. Shane O’Neill (Australia)
  13. Angelo Caro Narvaez (Peru)
  14. Felipe Gustavo (Brazil)
  15. Aoki Yukito (Japan)
  16. Giovanni Vianna (Brazil)
  17. Micky Papa (Canada)
  18. Axel Cruysberghs (Belgium)
  19. Luis Jhancarlos Gonzalez Ortiz (Colombia)
  20. Brandon Valjalo (South Africa)

Men’s Park Stateboarding

  1. Heimana Reynolds (United States)
  2. Cory Jueneau (United States)
  3. Luiz Francisco (Brazil)
  4. Pedro Barros (Brazil)
  5. Zion Wright (United States)
  6. Keegan Palmer (Australia)
  7. Oskar Rozenberg (Sweden)
  8. Pedro Quintas (Brazil)
  9. Ivan Federtico (Italy)
  10. Steven Pineiro (Puerto Rico)
  11. Alessandro Mazzara (Italy)
  12. Vincent Matheron (France)
  13. Jaime Mateu (Spain)
  14. Kieran Wooley (Australia)
  15. Hirano Ayumu (Japan)
  16. Tyler Edtmayer (Germany)
  17. Danny Leon (Spain)
  18. Andy Anderson (Denmark)
  19. Rune Glifberg (Denmark)
  20. Dallas Oberholtzer (South Africa)