International Day of Families: Athletes showing that family comes first

To mark International Day of Families, which takes place this year on Sunday 15 May, brings you a highlight reel of those special moments when athletes prove that nothing matters more than your nearest and dearest. 

By Sean McAlister
Picture by 2016 Getty Images

Today, 15 May, is International Day of Families, and what better way to celebrate the day than to look back at athletes and Olympians sharing time with their loved ones. From judo star Teddy Riner to athletics legend Allyson Felix, here are some of the most beautiful moments of athletes and their closest kin.

Tea time with Teddy Riner

Usually when people are this close to Teddy Riner on the floor, they've just been defeated in a judo bout. But not so when it comes to his kids. Riner proves that there's nothing like sharing some tea with the family - even if the crockery seems a little on the small side for the +100kg double Olympic champion.

Ona Carbonell prepares for another family member

Is there any more touching moment than seeing one child bond with another? Spanish artistic swimming supremo Ona Carbonell introducing her little one to her unborn child could just be one of the most beautiful moments of the year.

Rigoberto Uran proves that you're never too young to get started with sport

Colombian road cyclist and Olympic silver medallist Rigoberto Uran takes multi-tasking to a new level as he shares babysitting duties with training preparation. There's something about the matching uniform and baby clothes that give this photo all the feels.

Allyson Felix shows there's one thing more important than all her Olympic medals

No words are needed for this one. Seven golds, three silvers and one bronze medal make retired USA sprint sensation Allyson Felix a legend of athletics. But we can imagine she's never looked at her medals with the same loving gaze she shares with her daughter.

Mum, Son and Dad

Republic of Korea footballer Heung-Min Son knows exactly who he has to thank for his success: Heung-Min Mum and Heung-Min Dad. Famously close to his parents, this soccer superstar loves nothing more than sharing time with his family.

Dive right in - the more the merrier

Italy's Tania Cagnotto and Francesca Dallape don't just share life in the pool together, they also share moments like this. With three wonderful kids and tons of furry toys, it would be a miracle if their rooms were as clean as their dives.

Nia Ali shares Olympic silver with her biggest fan

Winning an Olympic medal is one of the greatest moments in any athlete's life. But sharing that moment with your child? Now that's just priceless.

Nikola Karabatic's family get up close and personal with his medal collection

Handball maestro Niko Karabatic has more medals than he can handle on his own - so why not let the family share the load? Three Olympic golds and one silver are the perfect number of medals to keep the family occupied as he looks forward to one more assault on gold at Paris 2024.


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