Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev inducted into PGTI as board member

The former India captain clarified that he has no intention of becoming the future president of the body

By Samrat Chakraborty

Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev was on Monday inducted into the Professional Golf Tour of India (PGTI) as a board member.

Dev, an ardent lover of the sport, has taken to golf after retiring from an illustrious cricketing career. The 1983 World Cup-winning captain further feels the need of promoting golf across the country.

“As a sportsman, it’s my duty if I can help them in trying to promote the game. I feel sometimes they (golfers) don’t get their dues. All the young boys who are starting, if we can bring more money into the game and let everybody come out there and make the life out of it that’s what I look for,” the former India captain told reporters.

Talking about the government support, he said, “Government is there to make sure you can carry on with your job. Not too much involvement in sports and I think it’s a responsibility of every common person. You look at cricket, the government’s involvement is not there. All the sports should be like that. We are helping the sports, that’s more important”.

Dev, who represented India in 131 Tests, said he has no intention of becoming the future president of the body and wants to focus on securing the future for the next generation of golfers.

"I like to take the backseat. I like to open the door for them, and I can open the door, bringing more funds for the youngsters and that's what I look for. I don't look into that, to be president. I don't want any post. God has given me enough respect and love. I always look at what we can give to the next generation that's more important," Kapil said.

Dev is one the finest all-rounders to have donned the Indian cricket team jersey. He represented the national team in 131 Tests and 225 ODIs. The 62-year-old scored 9031 runs and picked up 687 wickets in international cricket.


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