FINA World Championships Budapest 2022, as it happened: Diving star Yiwen Chen and USA women's water polo win gold

Live updates from Budapest, Hungary, with diving and water polo on Saturday 2 July 2022.

By Andrew Binner
Picture by 2022 Getty Images

An amazing climax on the penultimate day of action at the 2022 FINA World Championships saw Chen Yiwen and the USA women's water polo team win gold medals within minutes of each other.

China star Chen was her usual consistent, brilliant self in the women's 3m springboard diving competition, taking gold by 34 points. Her victory maintains China's perfect record in diving in Budapest.

Hungary were roared on by a passionate home crowd in a highly-emotional water polo final. The hosts battled back to within two points in the final quarter, but ultimately the USA had the experience and accuracy to win their fourth-consecutive world title. is carried live updates the entire day from Budapest, which you can re-live as they happened below.

All times Central European Time (UTC/GMT +2 hours). Most recent updates first.

9:20 pm - Tomorrow's programme

What an amazing way to finish the penultimate day of action here at the 2022 FINA World Championships in Budapest.

Tomorrow will see champions crowned in the women's 3m synchronised and men's 10m platform diving finals.

Back in the water polo arena we will have the men's bronze and gold medal matches.

It's going to be another classic, and we will be here to guide you through it all. See you for one last dance time tomorrow!

9:06 pm - MEDAL MOMENT: USA win women's water polo gold medal

Despite the incredible effort of the Hungarian team to come back from four goals down in the fourth quarter, the USA have the skill and composure to see the game out 9-7.

It is the triple Olympic champions' fourth world title in a row, which is just incredible.

The home team are getting a 10-minute standing ovation from the crowd - who have been cheering them on from the beginning of the game.

It's emotional stuff here at the Alfréd Hajós National Swimming Stadium.

9:05 pm - Hungary hit back!

Zsuzsanna Máté, Dorottya Szilágyi, and Rita Keszthelyi send the crowd into raptures in the final quarter as their goals close the gap to 8-7!

Hungary are throwing everything at this, including the goalkeeper who is surging forward with seconds to play.

But it's a penalty to USA... and Musselman holds her nerve to score again and the USA are 9-7 up.

8:40 pm - USA build three-goal cushion

The third quarter ends with the Olympic champions up 7-4 and their power game is really starting to show.

Gréta Gurisatti's strike got the hosts back into the game, but then a controversial penalty was awarded to the USA.

Madeline Musselman amazingly kept her composure to net a penalty against the biggest "boo" I've ever heard from a crowd.

Hungarian goalkeeper Edina Gangl is having a stormer, and looks like Catwoman in goal parrying away several USA attacks.

We now have Kiss Cam to entertain the crowd during the break, and they're getting into that almost as much as they are the water polo.

My ears will be ringing for days after this, and it'll be so worth it!

8:25 pm - USA hold slender half-time lead

Olympic champions the USA lead Hungary 4-3 after two quarters.

The crowd is willing their team on, and every time the USA get ahead a huge roar seems to bring the hosts to life again.

The USA clearly have the sleeker skills, but this wall of Hungarian noise must be very difficult to play against.

8:15 pm - USA take narrow lead

The USA are slightly more clinical on attack and take a narrow 2-1 lead over the hosts.

But that wasn't enough to drown this amazing crowd out - it's constant chanting and deafening roars every time their team makes a play in attack or defence.

There is so much emotion in these stands!

8:05 pm - MEDAL MOMENT: Yiwen Chen wins women's 3m springboard

With five jumps in the 70s, it wasn't Chen's finest ever performance, but still a magnificent one.

The Chinese scored 366.90 with victories in 4/5 rounds to maintain her nation's perfect record record in diving.

Canada's Mia Vallee reaped the rewards of consistency, nailing 67.5 and 66.0 dives to get the silver medal - so well deserved after competing in so many events at these championships.

Bronze went to Yani Chang, who came from behind to reach third-place with a magnificent final effort of 72.0.

Final results:
Gold: Yiwen Chen (China) - 366.90

Silver: Mia Vallee (Canada) - 329.00

Bronze: Yani Chang (China) - 325.85

8:00 pm - Amazing atmosphere!

There is electricity in the air before the women's water polo gold medal match between home heroes Hungary and reigning Olympic champions the USA at Alfréd Hajós National Swimming Stadium.

There was a choir singing Lady Gaga, a marriage proposal (she said YES), dancing frogs, and now we have football style chanting from the partisan home crowd.

With water polo being the national sport here in Hungary, it is so special that the home team is in the final.

Let's GO!

Hungary v USA in the women's water polo final at the 2022 FINA World Championships in Budapest.

7:35 pm - Yiwen untouchable right now

After three rounds it's Yiwen that continues to surge ahead. This time she gets 76.50 for a reverse 2.5 somersaults pike.

But 15-year-old Mikami isn't being intimidated by the big stage. She confidently lands a 67.50 score for the same routine.

Yani has clawed her way back to third thanks to a reverse 2.5 somersaults pike worth 72.0.

That bronze medal is going to be a fantastic battle with Punzel and Vallee both within a point of Yani, while Sarah Bacon is more than capable of landing some big dives to get back in contention.

7:25 pm - Punzel surges into medal position

What a jump from Tina Punzel! The ever-consistent German has nailed a forward 3.5 somersault pike worth 65.10, and goes into third.

It's more magic from Yiwen to stay on top. She gets 70.50 for her backward 2.5 somersault pike.

Mikami solidifies second with a very tidy forward 3.5 somersault pike that's awarded a 71.3. That's the top dive of the round.

Canada's Mia Vallee is now fourth, thanks to a 62.0 from the same routine.

7:15 pm - Yiwen leading the way

The light show is complete and the women's 3m springboard final is go!

China's Yiwen Chen has picked up where she left off in yesterday's semi-final: on top. She is awarded 73.50 from an inward 2.5 somersaults pike.

But in a small change to proceedings it's Japan's Mikami Sayaka in second with 67.50 for the same routine.

Arguably the discovery of this diving event Sarah Bacon is third with 66.00 with the same routine again.

Then it's Chen's compatriot Yani Chang sitting fourth with a slightly over-arching 63.00.

6:35 pm - China diving stats

It's 30 min's to go until the women's 3m springboard diving final and all eyes are on China.

The Asian powerhouse have won that event 13 times at the World Championships - a record number by a country in a specific individual event.

Retired Tingmao Shi won the women's 3m springboard at the 2015, 2017 and 2019, Worlds, and then won Olympic gold at Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

6:00 pm - China dominate semi-final

Yang Hao finishes this semi-final on top, courtesy of a 88.80 with a forward 4.5 somersaults tuck, and 520.30 overall.

Second place going into tomorrow's 12-man final goes to Yang Jian, who finishes with 503.85 thanks to his 92.25 for the same routine in pike.

Japan's teenage sensation Tamai gets third with 471.95, while Ukraine's Oleksiy Sereda qualifies in fourth with 458.80.

They are joined by GB's Matty Lee and his synchro partner Noah Williams, Australia's Cassiel Rousseau, and Canadian Nathan Zsombor-Murray among others.

5:30 pm - Lee rebounds

Tamai turns up the heat with a 3.5 reverse somersault tuck and nails it! He is awarded 81.6 and takes a provisional lead.

But Yang Hao takes it back again courtesy of a superb back 3.5 somersaults pike worth 82.2. If you would like to know how good he is at diving, that is an average score for him.

His compatriot Yang Jian reclaims second with 79.2 for the same routine.

Much better from Matty Lee, who rebounds with all 8s and 81.6 overall for his 3.5 reverse somersault tuck. He's now up to fifth, just behind Sereda.

5:00 pm - Yang Hao looking special today

Yang Hao just made a 3.5 reverse somersault tuck - 3.4 on the difficulty scale - look easy. He cements his place at the top with that magnificent 96.9.

It's another beauty too from Yang Jian, who gets 87.50.

A slight wobble from Matty Lee. The Brit causes a splash as he gets his timing wrong and is awarded 59.4 for his back 3.5 somersaults pike and goes down to ninth. What a roller coaster he's having!

Japan's Tamai Rikuto is hunting down a place in the top three with his fourth dive in the 70s - a 6245D.

4:50 pm - Sereda hits top gear

Take a bow Oleksii Sereda! The 16-year-old, competing in his second world championships, has just been awarded 95.40 for his armstand back 2 somersaults 2.5 twists. He barely made a splash there and goes to the top of the leaderboard.

But the lead is short-lived, as Yang Hao (80.5) and Yang Jian (79.8) reclaim first and second respectively.

After a tremendous start, Canada's Nathan Zsombor-Murray overarches upon entry in his back 3.5 somersault tuck and gets a 59.4. He still maintains fourth for now.

4:30 pm - Lee back in form

The men's 10m platform semi-final is underway!

China's Yang Hao continues his hot form from this morning with a 94.5 for his back arm-stand triple pike to secure top spot.

His compatriot Yang Jiang, who won this morning's prelims, is second after a inward 3.5 somersaults tuck worth 78.40.

Britain's Matty Lee has also rediscovered his form after a difficult morning, and sits third after being awarded 74.25 for his 626C.

3:28 pm - MEDAL MOMENT: Netherlands win water polo bronze

The Netherlands take the lead for the first time in the match as Simone van de Kraats strikes to make it 5-4.

Italy waste a couple of good chances, and Nina ten Broek then rubs salt into the wound to extend her team's lead to 6-4.

With less than two minutes to play the contest would appear to be over as a nice attacking move sees Brigitte Sleeking put the Dutch 7-4 up. They have been stunning in this second half comeback.

Roberta Marletta does get a consolatory goal for Italy, but that's the final whistle.

The Netherlands win 7-5, and take home a deserved bronze medal after fighting backs from three goals down. What character this group have.

3:10 pm - Netherlands hit back

Vivian Sevenich gives the Dutch exactly what they needed here. An early goal brings them back to within one.

Cometh the hour, cometh the captain. Sabrina van der Sloot steps up, drives an angled shot home, and we're even at 4-4.

Italy try to restore their lead through some frenzied attacking but the third quarter ends even.

2:58 pm - Giustini on fire

Sofia Giustini scores a double to take Italy out to a 4-1 lead.

The Netherlands are throwing the kitchen sink at this to get back in the game. After getting increasingly frustrated by some staunch defence, Kitty Joustra breaks through.

It's 4-2 to Italy at the end of the second and half-time.

2:45 pm - Dutch take early advantage

Ilse Koolhaas opens the scoring for The Oranje with a fiery shot into the back net

But that seems have have kicked Italy into gear who draw level through Silvia Avegno before Claudia Roberta Marletta takes them into the lead at 2-1.

The Dutch goalkeeper is being peppered right now, but holds out and the first quarter ends without another score.

2:30 pm - Bronze medal match begins

The amazing Italian national anthem is being sung, and their women's water polo bronze medal match against the Netherlands is about to begin.

I hope they have their sunscreen on as it's a balmy 30°C (86°F) out there.

1:48 pm - Today at the water polo...

After two weeks of action, the first water polo gold medal will be awarded today.

It couldn't be a more exciting final either: hosts Hungary versus reigning Olympic champions the USA. Hold on to your hats, this one is going to be a doozy.

See their respective paths to the big dance below...

1:00 pm - Unbelievable dive from Tamai and Yang!

Perhaps we spoke too soon, as Tamai has just rebounded with the dive of the day. The 15-year-old gets 8.5s across the board and 91.8 overall for his difficult back 2.5 somersaults 2.5 twist. If he didn't have the wobble last round, he may have overtaken Yang Hao there.

But he did, and the Chinese diver registers a solid 72.5 for his forward 4.5 somersaults to take a temporary top spot.

They both are bumped down a level by super Yang Jian, who gets, wait for it, 98.4!!!!

Those three join Ukrainian Oleskii Sereda, Cassiel Rousseau of Australia, Canada's Rylan Weins, and British champion Matty Lee - who finished on a high with two jumps in the 80's - among others in this evening's semi-finals.

12:25 pm - As you were...

Yang Hao looks to have this sewn up with one round still to go. He extends a sizeable lead with a back 3.5 somersault worth 79.20.

Japanese rookie Tamai will also likely get through, but perhaps shows a little inexperience on his reverse 3.5 somersault, for which he is awarded 66.3 after over-rotating into the water.

The top three remain going into the final round.

11:45 am - Yang Jian delivers dive of the day

After the fourth round it's Yang Hao who leads, courtesy of a reverse 3.5 somersault tuck worth 76.50. Not his finest effort with a slightly slower rotation, but he has plenty of credit in the bank.

Tamai gets his 6245D entry wrong and is awarded almost all 6.5s. But he remains in second.

It's a small mistake from Sereda too on his back 3.5 somersaults, but his 64.3 is enough to stay in third.

There has been a surge up the leaderboard for Australia's Cassiel Rousseau, who is awarded 73.80 for his back 2.5 somersaults 2.5 twists, and now sits in fourth.

They say class is permanent, and that appears to be the case for Yang Jian, who delivers the dive of the day - a 626B worth 89.25 - to go second overall once more.

Tamai is in third now. Lee is struggling down in 12th with another jump in the 50s, which will see him quality for the semis, but he'll want more.

10:40 am - Tamai makes his move

Japan's Tamai Rikuto, just 15-years-old, is currently second on the leaderboard after a stunning 73.80 for his back 3.5 somersaults pike.

Oh dear, Lee gets his next dive - a 626C - all wrong and lands at an angle. He gets 52.8 and that'll cost him.

Yang Hao goes top again after an 80 for his back dive 2.5 somersault 1.5 twist pike.

There is no sign of fatigue from last night's mixed synchro silver medallist Oleksii Sereda. The Ukrainian nails a 6245D worth a whopping 88.2.

And there's a rare mistake from Yang Jian. The Round 1 leader over-rotates on his inward 3.5 somersault tuck and gets 70.4.

10:20 am - Yang Jian begins with a bang

In cricket, bowlers usually have a 'loosener' delivery to warm up, where a little inaccuracy is accepted.

No such thing exists, apparently, in Chinese diving as Yang Hao rockets to the top of qualifying with an almost perfect inward 3.5 somersault tuck worth 81.6. Just superb.

British champion Matty Lee also starts strongly, taking second overall with his 5255B that was awarded 73.8.

But both divers lose a place as Yang's compatriot Yang Jian goes top with a magnificent reverse 3.5 somersault tuck for a score of 86. That's world record territory if he keeps that up.

Cuba's Luis Gustavo Canabate Alvarez also looks right in form, and is awarded 78.8 for his back 2.5 somersault 1.5 twist pike routine. He takes third position from Lee.

9:00 am - Matty Lee: Rediscovering his passion

British champion Matty Lee is heavily tipped to qualify for this tomorrow's 10m platform final, but the path to that success has been a long one.

The now 24-year-old was on top of the world after winning Olympic gold alongside Tom Daley in the synchro at Tokyo 2020.

But the excitement and euphoria eventually wore off, and he started to struggle mentally. Lee reached out to as many athletes as he could to put things into perspective.

Find out in our exclusive chat with him below how he picked himself up and eventually evolve as an athlete.

8:35 am - In case you missed it...

Another dramatic water polo semi-final last night saw Spain beat much-fancied Croatia 10-5 in the late match.

That means we have a 2019 World Championships final rematch tomorrow between Italy and Spain.

8:30 am - Today's programme

Good morning and welcome back to the 2022 FINA World Championships live blog for the penultimate day of action here in Budapest.

The mercury keeps on rising in and out of the water, and today will see three medal events.

First up, we have the women's water polo bronze medal match between Italy and the Netherlands. The later match sees home heroes Hungary take on the Olympic champions USA in the final. With water polo the national sport here, atmosphere is guarenteed.

Over in diving it's the women's 3m springboard final, where China's Chen Yiwen and Chang Yani are the strong title favourites.

But before all of that, we have the men's 10m platform preliminaries featuring Team GB's synchro silver medallist Matty Lee.

Here's today's diving schedule:

10:00 am - Men's 10m platform prelims

4:00 pm - Men's 10m platform semi-finals

7:00 pm - Women's 3m springboard final


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