FINA World Championships Budapest 2022, as it happened: Day eight - Paltrineri produces stunning solo 1500m win

Follow live updates from Budapest, Hungary, as competition continues with artistic swimming and swimming on 25 June 2022.

21 min By ZK Goh and Andrew Binner
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Gregorio Paltrinieri's stunning solo 1500m freestyle win stole the show on the last night of swimming finals at the 19th FINA World Championships Budapest 2022.

Paltrinieri's triumph from lane 1 was the second-fastest 1500m in history and one of two Italian victories after the men's 4x100m medley relay team shocked the USA in the final.

The Americans did triumph in the men's 50m backstroke through Justin Ress – who was originally disqualified before being re-instated – and the women's 4x100m medley relay team.

Summer McIntosh continued her breakout World Championships by taking out the women's 400m IM, while veterans Sarah Sjostrom and Ruta Meilutyte also stood on the top step of the podium as the swimming events concluded.

Check out the full results from the day's swimming finals.

In the day's last two artistic swimming final, Italy (Giorgio Minisini/Lucrezia Ruggiero) took the mixed duet free before Ukraine clinched gold in the team highlight routine.

Olympics.com carried live updates the entire day from Budapest, which you can re-live as they happened below.

All times Central European Time (UTC/GMT +2 hours). Most recent updates first.

8:28pm - That's all, folks…

…At least from the pool swimming portion of these World Championships!

Don't fret though. The Olympics.com live blog from Budapest will continue as the diving and open-water swimming begins tomorrow.

Thanks for joining us for the past eight days.

8:20pm - Medal ceremony re-run for 50 back

This is special.

After his disqualification was overturned, Justin Ress will get to receive his gold medal on top of the podium.

While Hunter Armstrong passed the medal over earlier, the victory ceremony for the men's 50m back is being re-held. Ress is the only man on the podium as he receives his medal and listens to the Star-Spangled Banner.

7:53pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Ress disqualification overturned

After a protest from the United States team, Justin Ress is officially the world champion in the men's 50m backstroke.

His disqualification has been overturned.

That means Hunter Armstrong takes silver and Ksawery Masiuk has to make to with bronze for Poland. Thomas Ceccon drops back to fourth.

With the change to that result, it means Team USA leaves Budapest with a record-breaking 45 medals.

7:48pm - MEDAL MOMENT - USA win another gold

And here we are. Just like that, this is the last swimming final of the World Championships, at least in the pool.

The women's 4x100m medley relay final.

France are in lane 8, USA in a surprise outside lane 1, China in lane 7, Italy in lane 2, Canada in lane 6, Sweden – with Sarah Sjostrom, who's just pocketed a gold medal – in lane 3, Netherlands in lane 5, and top seeds Australia in land 4.

The world record belongs to the USA at 3:50.40. Australia will lead off with 100m back world record holder Kaylee McKeown; world champ Regan Smith leads off for USA in the top lane.

Smith has gone out really quickly and is ahead of McKeown coming back after the turn. In fact McKeown is in third, and in fact Canada hand over in the lead!

Lilly King has, however, pushed the Americans back into the lead. It's a pretty comfortable lead too, by four tenths.

But Jenna Strauch has pulled Australia back into this, King hands over to Torri Huske for the fly leg, with Australia and Canada in second and third.

Can the Americans be stopped? Huske has blown the field away and extended the lead over a second at 250! The real race is for second between Australia and Canada.

Huske hands off to Claire Curzan with a lead just under a second. Mollie O'Callaghan and Penny Oleksiak are on anchor for the Aussies and Canadians respectively, but Curzan has put more than a body length on the field.

Claire Curzan anchors USA to gold in 3:53.78! A fast-finishing O'Callaghan nearly made that interesting. Australia take silver and Oleksiak bronze.

"Outside smoke as we like to say in the USA," King grins. "We take a lot of pride in that relay and really wanted to put in a good time and get that gold back from last summer (Olympic Games). We came out and did that, and it was a great race.

"I used the be the young one on this relay and I'm not any more. It's just been a pleasure competing with these ladies and watching them grow over the years. They've had such incredible meets this week and really excited for the future."

7:40pm - Summer McIntosh on successful World Championships

Canada's Summer McIntosh has been speaking to Olympics.com in the mixed zone about her World Championships, during which she has set three world junior records and won two gold medals.

"I only try to think about my own expectations, that really really doesn't refer to placement, but more how I've executed each and every race, and I think I've accomplished that when I look at my splits. I've been pushing my body as hard as possible, so overall I'm really happy with this week."

On being under world record pace after the first 200:

"That's part of the adrenaline that comes from the crowd and also just trying to stay in the race. I wasn't thinking about exact splits but I definitely went out a little fast and I felt that in the breaststroke which is one of my weaknesses so I'll try to keep pushing that in training.

"It's really cool to race someone like Katie (Grimes) as she is around my age (Grimes is 18) and she's a really tough competitor. So I'm looking forward to racing her and keep pushing myself.

"I like each race for different reasons so I don't have a favourite. I like the 400 free obviously, 200 free's fun, 200 IM and 400 IM and 200 fly... are my top five!"

What next for McIntosh?

"Honestly I haven't thought about Commonwealths yet because I just wanted to finish Worlds first."

7:29pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Italy stun USA in men's 4x100 medley

Moving on to the penultimate final of these Championships: the men's 4x100m medley relay.

Austria are in lane 8, Germany in lane 1, China in lane 7, Great Britain in lane 2, Australia in lane 6, Italy in lane 3, France in lane 5, and USA in lane 4.

Italy are leading off with Thomas Ceccon and Nicolo Martinenghi, the world champs in the backstroke and the breaststroke.

USA hold the world record at 3:26.78.

Backstroke first. The Americans, led by Ryan Murphy, had the best reaction off the start and he and Ceccon split at 50m together. Ceccon edges ahead now – inside the world record split and just outside his own individual world record in the 100 back.

The Italians now have half a body length thanks to Martinenghi. At halfway they are well under the world record split. Federico Burdisso is on the fly for Italy.

Remember, no Caeleb Dressel for the Americans – but Michael Andrew is a fine replacement. Andrew has nearly caught Burdisso!

At the final changeover, the Italians lead by four-tenths of a second. Ryan Held has overtaken Alessandro Miressi.

This is a very tight race to the wall now – the wake being generated by both swimmers is incredible. Neck and neck to the end and Miressi has pulled out a lead!

Gold to Italy in 3:27.51! USA take silver and Great Britain the bronze. The Italians' time tied Great Britain's European record.

7:17pm - Paltrinieri collects gold medal

What a swim that was earlier from Gregorio Paltrinieri. He's just collected his gold medal for the 1500m win, and the entire Italian team in the stands is singing along to the national anthem.

Here's what he had to say in the mixed zone earlier:

"So many people thought I was finished. I am not a person who lets himself be influenced by others but in these days I had enough doubts, that others could be stronger than me... then I said 'no' and I felt stronger but I had to prove it in the race.

"I was in lane 1, I felt the whole arena on me, the people cheering me on, I knew I was doing well, but I didn't think so much. And time was not the priority today: today I dived in with the will to win. And there is always a big difference. And in my opinion in the 800 I made just this mistake by underestimating the situation, but you always learn from mistakes: I am nearly 30 years old (27) but every time I keep learning something new.

"Every time I say that the most important medal I win, but really every time it is the most difficult medal: it is much more tiring to do it now than 10 years ago, and I have been doing these incredible times for 10 years: I have proof that I'm working well, which I never gave up, but then the races in which you don't win happen, like the other day."

7:10pm - MEDAL MOMENT - McIntosh wins another gold with new world junior record

It's gotten very loud in the arena for the women's 400m IM final – all eyes are on one woman.

The 'Iron Lady' of Hungarian swimming herself, possibly in her last ever race at this level.

In lane 8, Tanigawa Ageha of Japan; in lane 1, Jenna Forester of Australia; in lane 7, Olympic champion Ohashi Yui of Japan; in lane 2, Katinka Hosszu of Hungary; in lane 6, Ge Chutong of China; in lane 3, Emma Weyant of USA; in lane 5, Katie Grimes of USA; and in lane 4, the 15-year-old phenom Summer McIntosh of Canada.

The world record belongs to Hosszu at 4:26.36; 4:29.33 is her Championship record.

They're off on the butterfly leg and McIntosh, the 200m champion in that stroke here, has gone out strong. But Grimes is sticking with her through 100. Both women are under the world record split.

Switching to the backstroke and Grimes and McIntosh are still pretty close to each other, but McIntosh has an obvious lead now by about a third of a body length.

The Canadian is still under the world record split at 200 as they switch to breaststroke. The crowd is still very loud with Hosszu in the picture behind the two leaders battling for bronze. On the breaststroke leg, the world record split has now gone.

Katinka Hosszu is currently in third – and the Hungarian fans love it!

McIntosh looks uncatchable now and will turn for the freestyle in the lead by 1.93 seconds.

McIntosh wins gold from Katie Grimes and Emma Weyant. 4:32.04 in a new world junior record.

That time would have beaten Ohashi at the Olympic Games last summer (4:32.08).

"It's always been a dream of mine. I never knew if I would be able to get to the world stage, and now I am," McIntosh says.

6:51pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Sjostrom completes 50 fly-free double

So, on to the next final – the women's 50m freestyle. From the longest distance to the shortest.

Denmark's Julie Kepp Jensen in lane 8; Torri Huske of USA in lane 1; in lane 7, Zhang Yufei of China; in lane 2, Anna Hopkin of Great Britain; in lane 6, Erika Brown of USA; in lane 3, Meg Harris of Australia; in lane 5, world record holder Sarah Sjostrom of Sweden; and in lane 4, Katarzyna Wasick of Poland.

Sjostrom's world record is 23.67, set in this pool at the 2017 Worlds.

Huske has the best reaction but Wasick has gone out quick. Sjostrom is now catching – and perhaps has caught – her and she has!

Sarah Sjostrom wins the 50m free in 23.98. Wasick takes silver and Harris and Brown tied for the bronze.

"I think there's a lot of things, maybe my mindset, but also a lot of hard work. Also I love what I do," Sjostrom says when asked how she keeps doing it.

6:40pm - New record for USA

That silver medal for Bobby Finke, added to Hunter Armstrong's gold earlier this evening, means the United States now have 39 swimming medals in these Championships – a new record, beating their own mark of 38 set in this pool in 2017.

6:36pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Paltrinieri time-trials in lane 1 to stunning 1500 victory

This is absolutely remarkable.

Paltrinieri hit the front early in the outside lane and just went on a time trial.

At 1250m, he is nearly three seconds under world record pace. Wellbrock turns in second and Finke in third.

There are no words for this swim – it's simply incredible. From lane 1, the Italian swimming legend is edging closer to the world title. Finke is back just ahead of Wellbrock at 1350.

Three laps to go and the crowd knows they are seeing something special here. The noise has really ratcheted up in the Duna Arena.

Paltrinieri takes the bell to signify 100m to go. The world record line is catching him just a bit.

Gregorio Paltrinieri wins a stunning, stunning gold medal in a Championship record 14:32.80.

The world record just got away from the Italian but that is an incredible swim. Finke silver and Wellbrock bronze.

"I have no idea (what just happened). Of course the plan was to try to win this race, but it's a dream. I was watching my teammates and they were pushing me so hard. I couldn't do less," the new world champ says.

That is the second-fastest time ever. A new European record too.

Finke's silver-winning time of 14:36.70 is a new Americas continental (and American national) mark as well.

6:31pm - World record under threat?

Absolutely remarkable.

At the 1000m mark, Paltrinieri is a full body length inside the world record split (-1.96).

Finke leads Wellbrock and Romanchuk a ways behind, but this looks like an incredible swim.

6:28pm - Paltineri still inside WR split at halfway

We're halfway through this race and Paltrinieri is still in the lead and still well inside the world record split. Over 1.2 seconds under the split, and 4.14 clear of Finke, who leads Wellbrock and Romanchuk in the middle lanes.

6:26pm - Fast start from Paltrineri

Gregorio Paltrinieri has gone out massively quickly from the start and pulled well clear of the field. He's well inside the world record split, but no one seems too worried yet.

At 500m, one-third distance, Paltrinieri's lead is 2.4 seconds on Finke.

6:20pm - Longest race distance

Up now, the longest race by distance on the schedule, at least in the pool.

Bobby Finke is the favourite with his fast finishes. He's already won 800m gold here and is the 800 and 1500 Olympic champ.

In lane 8, Great Britain's Dan Jervis; in lane 1, Gregorio Paltrinieri of Italy; in lane 7, Lukas Martens of Germany; in lane 2, Damien Joly of France; in lane 6, Guilherme Costa of Brazil; in lane 3, Finke of the USA; in lane 5, Ukraine's Mykhailo Romanchuk; and in lane 4, the top seed and Olympic open-water champion, Florian Wellbrock of Germany

It's also incredible to think that a number of this field are staying in Budapest for the open-water events next week.

6:13pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Meilutyte takes women's 50m breaststroke gold

Well, after that, we're on to the women's 50m breaststroke.

In lane 8, defending champion Lilly King of USA; in lane 1, Anna Elendt of Germany; in lane 7, Jhenifer Conceicao of Brazil; in lane 2, Eneli Jefimova of Estonia; in lane 6, Tang Qianting of Ching; in lane 3, Lara van Niekerk of South Africa; in lane 5, Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania; and in lane 4, the 100m champ, Benedetta Pilato of Italy.

Pilato is the world record holder at 29.30; King the Championship record holder at 29.40.

Off the blocks they go and Meilutyte reacted the fastest off the blocks. King is already dropping back in lane 8 and Meilutyte is in the lead.

Pilato is just a touch behind and Ruta Meilutyte wins gold in 29.70. Pilato takes silver and van Niekerk the bronze.

"I'm very proud of myself and very grateful. I don't know, it's just a big (gives thumbs up) yes," Meilutyte says.

6:06pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Armstrong wins men's 50 back gold after Ress DQ

First up tonight, the men's 50m backstroke.

In lane 8, Ole Braunschweig of Germany; in lane 1, Isaac Cooper of Australia; in lane 7, Robert Glinta of Romania; in lane 2, Ksawery Masiuk of Poland; in lane 6, the 100m winner Thomas Ceccon of Italy; in lane 3, Apostolos Christou of Greece; in lane 5, world record holder Hunter Armstrong of USA; and in lane 4, his teammate Justin Ress.

Armstrong's world record, set in April, is 23.71. Great Britain's Liam Tancock holds the Championship record at 24.04 from 2009.

The fastest reaction comes from Cooper up in lane 1 but the American pair in the middle have gone out quickly and both have a lead on the field. Justin Ress out-touches Hunter Armstrong!

24.12 for Ress. It looks like Masiuk touched third.

We have a Video Judging Review……… Justin Ress has been disqualified!

Hunter Armstrong is the champion! Masiuk takes silver and Ceccon bronze. The official winning time for Armstrong was 24.14.

"Obviously I'm blessed to be here and to get to share that with Justin, it's really tough to find the words because on the one hand I'm really happy we were able to accomplish that together, and I wanted nothing more than to share the podium with him," Armstrong says.

5:57pm - Seven finals tonight

We're just moments away from the last night of finals action in swimming at the Duna Arena.

Don't forget, all seven races tonight are finals. They are:

  • Men's 50m backstroke
  • Women's 50m breaststroke
  • Men's 1500m freestyle
  • Women's 50m freestyle
  • Women's 400m individual medley
  • Men's 4x100 medley relay
  • Women's 4x100 medley relay

Maggie Mac Neil will be involved in that final race of the night representing Canada. The Olympic champ chose to only race in relays in Budapest. Watch our interview with the 100 fly specialist.

4:08pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Ukraine win gold

Italy are the last team up and boy did they put in a stunning performance.

Their prelim routine was good for 91.6667 and second place, but they have gone slightly better than that in this final for 92.2667.

The team all come together in a circle and jump up and down in delight.

But it's Ukraine who win gold, with Italy and Spain completing the podium.

3:45pm - Ukraine take lead in highlight routine

Unsurprisingly, Ukraine – the top qualifiers from prelims – have surged into the lead of the highlight routine final.

And I mean surged. The Ukrainian team scored 95.0333 points, which is 5.6666 ahead of nearest challengers Mexico with four teams to go.

2:35pm - MEDAL MOMENT - Minisini and Ruggiero clinch gold

There it is! Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero clinch their second gold medals of the World Championships.

Minisini gives a fist pump to the Italian support in the crowd – including his parents who flew in for today's final – in celebration of his third career world title.

Italy score 90.9667 with the Japanese siblings second and China's Zhang Yiyao / Shi Haoyu in bronze.

2:20pm - Japanese siblings go top

The Japanese siblings Sato Tomoka and Sato Yotaro have moved to the top of the standings with just three teams – including the Italians – left to go.

Tomoka and Yotaro scored 89.7333, an improvement from their prelim score of 88.9000.

1:30pm - Kazakhstan get us underway

The penultimate artistic swimming final is underway with Kazakhstan getting us started.

Italy were the top qualifiers and are heavy favourites.

12:30pm - Two finals in artistic swimming

There are two finals this afternoon in artistic swimming.

First, Italy's Giorgio Minisini and Lucrezia Ruggiero will go for their second gold of the meet in the mixed duet free final in an hour.

Then, at 3pm, the world's best teams put their best single highlight routines up for judging.

Artistic swimming concludes with the gala presentation at 4:30pm.

11:25 am - USA going for another record...

The United States swim team has won a whopping 37 medals so far at in Budapest.

That is one shy of equalling the all-time record for most swimming medals won at a single world championships. The USA also has that record: 38 won in 2017 at the same venue.

10:42 am - Today at the water polo

It's Round 3 of the men's competition and the group leaders as things stand are Hungary, Croatia, Spain, and Serbia.

10:00 am - Australia dominate women's medley heats

World and Olympic champions Australia put on a relay masterclass to go through to tonight's women's 4x100 medley final as the top seeds.

Canada's Ingrid Wilm took an early an early lead over Australia's triple Olympic gold medallist Kaylee McKeown.

But Jenna Strauch swam a superb breaststroke lead to retake the lead for the Dolphins, before Brianna Throssell held off Canada's butterfly Olympic champion Maggie Mac Neil, who is only swimming in the relays in Budapest.

Freestyler Madison Wilson then secured the victory by a body-length in 3:56.77.

Netherlands quartet Kira Toussaint, Tes Schouten, Maakie de Waard and Marrit Steenbergen won their heat to take second place overall in 3:57.48.

Great Britain were disqualified from Heat 2 and will not compete in this evening's final.

This evening's final line-up (in order of fastest heat finishes): Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Italy, China, USA, and France.

9:35 am - USA, Italy and France progress to men's medley finals

USA quartet Hunter Armstrong, Nic Fink, Julian Trenton, and Brooks Curry took no chances in the competitive men's 4x100 medley relay heats, taking top spot in 3:32.91.

Italy, who boasted men's 100 backstroke world record holder Thomas Ceccon, finished second in that heat to take third overall.

Second overall went to Heat 2 winner France, who were initially behind China after a superb breaststroke leg from Qin Haiyang.

Double medley winner Leon Marchand put in a superb butterfly leg, before they finished in 3:32.98.

World Champions Great Britain, missing Adam Peaty and Duncan Scott in Budapest, finished third in that heat to progress to this evening's finals.

This evening's final line-up (in order of fastest heat finishes): USA, France, Italy, Australia, Great Britain, China, Germany, Austria.

9:20 am - Amazing McIntosh takes top seed, Hosszu through

Summer McIntosh submitted a world-class display to take the women's 400 IM medley heats.

The Canadian was neck-and-neck with USA's Katie Grimes over the butterfly and backstroke legs, before pulling away in the breaststroke and controlling the victory on freestyle. She finished in 6:36.15.

Grimes finished second overall, 0.5s slower than McIntosh.

The final heat was won by a determined Katinka Hosszu, who clocked 4.39.15 after being roared on by the home crowd.

The world record holder and Rio 2016 Olympic champion, who has struggled to find her top form in this meet, took a big early lead in the race.

Reigning Olympic champion Ohashi Yui managed to take the lead back as they transitioned into freestyle, but the Hungarian hit back to take the win.

All four women progress to this evening's final, alongside the likes of USA's Emma Weyant, Ge Chutong of China, and Australia's Jenna Forrester.

8:55 am - Ohashi looking to bounce back

Ohashi Yui hasn't been at her best at these championships.

The double medley Olympic champion from Tokyo 2020 finished 13th in the 200 IM here in Budapest, and will be looking to end on a high in today's 400 IM heats and finals.

Here's a reminder of her 400m Olympic gold medal-winning performance in 2021...

8:40 am - In case you missed it...

Here are the Round 3 results in women's water polo last night,

Group A

Italy 31 - 5 Colombia

Hungary 11 - 7 Canada

Group B

USA 23 - 3 Argentina

Netherlands 22 - 1 South Africa

Group C

Australia 17 - 5 Brazil

New Zealand 15 - 7 Kazakhstan

Group D

Spain 30 - 2 Thailand

Greece 15 - 4 France

8:30 am - Today's programme

Good morning from sunny Budapest, where, would you believe it, it's the final day of swimming and artistic swimming at the FINA World Championships 2022.

The only individual event this morning will see Japanese Olympic champion Ohashi Yui and Canadian wonderkid Summer McIntosh vying for top spot in the women's 400 medley heats.

Expect a huge cheer for Rio 2016 Olympic gold medallist Katinka Hosszu, swimming in front of her own crowd.

In medley relay heats, the USA men will be looking to back up their Olympic title from Tokyo. On the women’s side, Australia will be hoping to defend their Olympic title from 2021, with their American rivals coming in as the defending World champions from 2019.

We finish with a bang this evening with seven consecutive finals.

The men's 50 backstroke looks to be a straight clash between USA world record holder Hunter Armstrong and his compatriot Justin Ress.

Italy's Benedetta Pilato will try to land her second title of the event in the women's 50 breaststroke, while Olympic champions Bobby Finke and Florian Wellbrock join Ukraine's Mykhailo Romanchuk as the top three seeds in the men's 1500 free.

Sarah Sjostrom could win her second title of the event in the women's 50m freestyle.

Here's today's swimming schedule:

Morning session – heats only

  • Women's 400m individual medley
  • Men's 4x100 medley relay
  • Women's 4x100 medley relay

Evening session – finals only

  • Men's 50m backstroke
  • Women's 50m breaststroke
  • Men's 1500m freestyle
  • Women's 50m freestyle
  • Women's 400m individual medley
  • Men's 4x100 medley relay
  • Women's 4x100 medley relay

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