Fans vote Rayssa Leal as the winner of The Visa Award for inspirational display at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Brazilian skate star Rayssa Leal received the award for the way she rose above the competition to lift her rivals' spirits with acts of kindness, friendship and solidarity.

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Worldwide Olympic Partner Visa today can announce that Rayssa Leal is to be the recipient of The Visa Award.

The Visa Award celebrates friendship, inclusion, acceptance and courage; traits best exemplified by Rayssa at the Games, decided by a fan vote on the Tokyo 2020 FanZone platform.

She becomes the first athlete to be awarded the accolade following her display of sportsmanship towards her opponents at Tokyo 2020, in 2021.

As her prize, Visa will give Rayssa the opportunity to choose an eligible charity to which Visa will donate $50,000 USD, in an effort to directly impact the community and promote equality and inclusion.

Rayssa Leal: uplifting the competition with qualities of friendship and inclusivity

It's fair to say that Rayssa Leal had an incredible Olympic debut.

That 13-year-old Brazilian skateboarder wowed the world with her stylish tricks, innovative style and impeccable execution at the women's street competition in Tokyo.

Her routines earned her an Olympic silver medal, after she was just pipped to the gold by fellow 13-year-old competitor NISHIYA Momji of Japan, who scored 15.26 over Rayssa's 14.64.

However, it wasn't just Rayssa's talent on the board and in the field of play that won everyone over.

From start to finish the Brazilian demonstrated true sportsmanship qualities. She rallied her fellow competitors with hugs and cheers as they showcased their sport debuting at the Olympics for the very first time.

Even when Momiji ultimately bested Rayssa on the day to take the gold medal, the Brazilian expressed the true power of the Olympic spirit when she ran over to be the first to embrace her Japanese rival in congratulations.

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Rayssa Leal Tokyo 2020 4 (2021 Getty Images)
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Rayssa Leal Tokyo 2020 2 (2021 Getty Images)

In fact support, inclusion and encouragement was everywhere to be found at the Ariake Urban Sports Park throughout the entire competition.

Inspired by the atmosphere of friendship and solidarity, Leticia Bufoni - Rayssa's compatriot and skateboarding idol - supported her young rival all the way to her medal.

In the preliminary round of the event the two were inseparable, lifting each other as the event unfolded.

To top it all off, Rayssa also skated her way into the history books.

With her silver medal the skateboarding star is now Brazil's youngest ever Olympic medallist - way to go Rayssa!

Vote for your favourite moment at Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Voting for The Visa Award is conducted on Tokyo 2020 FanZone platform, a digital experience designed to engage and unite audiences leading up to and throughout the Games.

Fans can already vote for historical Paralympic moments and will once again be able to vote for their most inspirational moments with the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, choosing one of six finalists to be honoured.

Don't miss your chance to get involved and vote now!

Rayssa Leal Tokyo 2020
Rayssa Leal Tokyo 2020 (2021 Getty Images)

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