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Rayssa LEAL

There is a new, pre-teen world order coming for street skating, and heading the charge is none other than brilliant Brazilian Rayssa Leal.

Born in 2008, Leal rose to prominence in a way only the youngest generation really know how – through the medium viral video. A short video clip of Leal perfectly executing a heelflip down a set of stairs while donning a bright blue tutu as part of a fairy princess costume perfect exploded across social media platforms, propelling the then seven-year-old to internet notoriety.

Behind the tricks and clicks there is also a seriously talented competitor.

At 11 the goofy-footed skateboarder became the youngest street skater ever to win a Women’s Final on the Street League Skateboarding World Tour in Los Angeles. She bested current world number one Pamela Rosa to clinch the title. The Brazilian – who has been skating for just six years - has featured twice at the X-Games in 2019. At both competitions Leal finished in fourth place.

Her progress hasn’t stopped. Just ahead of the Games in June, Leal finished third in the Street World Championships in Rome. She finished once again ahead of Rosa and other fellow countrywomen Leticia Bufoni to take a podium spot.

The eyes of the world haven’t stopped watching Leal skate since she first appeared on their smart screens. The world number two will undoubtedly be holding the world’s attention once again when she performs her tricks on the Olympic stage at Tokyo 2020.