Everything you need to know about roller speed skating at the Youth Olympic Games

It's a high-speed new discipline for Buenos Aires 2018 and here's where you can watch it.


With athletes can reaching speeds of 50km per hour, roller speed skating will be a breath of fresh air in every sense at the Youth Olympic Games.

With a mass start, a tight 200m track and velodrome-like banked walls, expect expect plenty of jostling and exciting photo finishes!

The event was first seen on the Olympic stage at Nanjing 2014 YOG, where was well received as demonstration sport.

The basics

In each gender category 14 athletes will compete over 500m, 1000m and the 5000m elimination.

The winner of each race is awarded 14 points, second will take 13, third 12 and places 4-14 are awarded 11 points down to 1 point.

The final rankings are decided by the total number of points each skater accumulates over the three events.

Fun facts

Breaks are forbidden and the 200m world record (held my Spain's Joseba Fernandez) is 15.879 seconds - 3.3 seconds faster than Usain Bolt's world record!

Roller speed athletes often compete on speed skating on the ice.

Winter Olympic speed skating gold medallists who also competed on roller skates include America's Derek Parra (who was an 18-time roller speed world champion), three-time Olympic champ Martina Sablikova of the Czech Republic and the Netherlands Mulder twins.

When and where

Roller speed skating will take place at the Paseo de la Costa.

October 7
10:00 - 10:50 Women's and men's combined 1000m sprint semi-finals

14:00 - 14:30 Women's and men's combines 1000m sprint final

16:00 - 16:55 Women's and men's combined 5000m elimination final

October 8
16:00 - 17:40 Women's and men's combined 500m sprint semi-finals

Women's combined 500m sprint final and medal ceremony

Men's combined 500m sprint final and medal ceremony

Watching online

You can watch all the action on Olympic Channel.

Roller speed skating
Roller speed skating

The skaters

Men's qualifiers

Jhonny Agulo (Colombia), Ewen Foussadier (France), Merijn Scheperkamp (Netherlands), Vincenzo Maiorca (Italy), Nahuel Schelling Quevedo (Argentina), Cheon Jongji (Korea), Ivan Galar (Spain), Sabien Tinson (USA), Chen Tao (China), Chang Chia-Wei (Taipei), Ignacio Mardones Vidal (Chile), Alexander Myint (Australia)

Women's qualifiers

Fernanda Illanes Caberea (Argentina), Gabriel Rueda (Colombia), Honorine Barrault (France), Giorgia Valanzano (Italy), Nerea Langa (Spain), Ashly Marin Torres (Chile), Angelina Otto (Germany), Marit van Beijnum (Netherlands), Wang Kuan-Chih (Taipei), Andrea Lokvencova (Czech Republic), Maria Arias Armijos (Ecuador), Carolina Ferreira (Portugal), Ptjira Srisathitha (Thailand), Giselle Stogdale (Australia)

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