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Join the Olympic snowboarder from New Zealand for an exclusive yoga, meditation, and Q&A experience for Olympic Day on Airbnb

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Snowboarder Christy Prior’s secret to a calm mind and body is her dedication to her yoga and meditation practice. It’s facilitated a more balanced outlook on her life.

“This awareness of my body [that yoga brings], that helps anyone, but especially an athlete,” Christy Said.

The New Zealander will be bringing her unique skills as both an Olympian and a yogi as an Airbnb experience for Olympic Day on June 23.

Christy Prior: A unique Olympic experience

The snowboarder went to the Winter Olympics in Sochi but sustained an injury during semi finals warm up.

She returned after a career-threatening injury for PyeongChang 2018 qualification, but the weather called off her last chance to qualify.

_“_I was heartbroken not getting to the 2018 Olympics [in South Korea]”

Christy won both of the last Olympic qualifiers before 2014 Olympics and 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Christy has now retired from competitive snowboarding and yoga has made dealing with the ups and down of life easier.

“I'm still really content with my decision. I feel like it was the right time.

“Teaching yoga [is my way of] giving back a sense of something that gave me so much.”

Christy Prior: Olympic Day Mindfulness Experience

Christy is looking to teach people all about her findings in a 60 minute yoga and meditation experience with Airbnb for Olympic Day on Wednesday 23rd June 2021.

“We're all overworked, overstressed, worrying about the system.”

"Connection with breath and movement starts to slow the mind down more."

She will talk people through her simple breath techniques to cultivate balance in your personal and professional life.

Christy Prior snowboarding at Sochi 2014
Christy Prior snowboarding at Sochi 2014 (2014 Getty Images)

Christy will also give a guided meditation.

Even if it’s something you’ve never tried before, the experience promises to be an easy introduction.

Meditation isn't always some crazy thing that you have to get into [by following strict] steps.

“If you think you could possibly sit for three minutes, start with three minutes."

With yoga, meditation, and a Q&A - the Airbnb experience will be a unforgettable 60 minutes helping you build a more balanced lifestyle.

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