Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 | Day 10 as it happened

Simone Biles becomes the most decorated gymnast in the history of the World Championships – re-live the action.

20 min By ZK Goh
Simone Biles with her gold medal for winning the floor final at the 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships

Welcome to the Olympic Channel's text coverage of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 from Stuttgart, Germany, bringing you all the news and updates.

It was the final day of competition in Stuttgart on Sunday (13 October).

Russians Nikita Nagornyy and Artur Dalaloyan finished one–two in the men's vault final to both win their third medals of the meet, before Simone Biles won balance beam gold to become the most decorated gymnast, male or female, in the history of the World Championships with her 24th medal.

The men's parallel bars final went to Great Britain's Joe Fraser in a surprise result, before Biles won Worlds medal number 25 on the floor – her 19th career Worlds gold.

The afternoon ended with Brazil's Arthur Nory Mariano taking high bar gold.

All times below are Central European Summer Time (UTC+2 hours). Latest updates first.

6:05 pm – Thank you!

That brings to an end our live text coverage of the 2019 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships.

We've had 10 days of incredible competition as well as four days of podium training beforehand.

Simone Biles will leave Stuttgart as the most decorated gymnast in World Championships history.

That's all from us. Thank you so much for your company over the last two weeks.

Good night from Stuttgart.

5:58 pm – Full list of Olympic qualifiers after Stuttgart 2019

We now know all the re-allocated qualifiers.

Women's all-around qualification

Ana Derek (Croatia), Caitlin Rooskrantz (South Africa), Jonna Adlerteg (Sweden), Gabriela Janik (Poland), Simona Castro (Chile), Lihie Raz (Israel), Julie Erichsen (Norway), Ariana Orrego (Peru), Oksana Chusovitina (Uzbekistan), Ting Hua-tien (Chinese Taipei), Marina Nekrasova (Azerbaijan), Tan Sze En (Singapore)

Men's all-around qualification

Rene Cournoyer (Canada), Rasuljon Abdurakhimov (Uzbekistan), Marios Georgiou (Cyprus), Ivan Tikhonov (Azerbaijan), David Rumbutis (Sweden), Andrey Likhovitskiy (Belarus), Sofus Heggemsnes (Norway)

It means Oksana Chusovitina will go to her eighth Olympic Games.

5:38 pm – Apparatus final Olympic qualifiers

Here are the Tokyo 2020 qualifiers after today's apparatus finals:

Men's vault

Marian Dragulescu (Romania), Le Thanh Tung (Vietnam), Shek Wai Hung (Hong Kong, China)

Women's balance beam

All three spots re-allocated to all-around qualification

Men's parallel bars

Ahmet Onder (Turkey), two spots re-allocated to all-around qualification

Women's floor exercise

All three spots re-allocated to all-around qualification

Men's horizontal bar

Tin Srbic (Croatia), Tyson Bull (Australia), one spot re-allocated to all-around qualification

5:27 pm – Joe Fraser says becoming world champion 'hasn't sunk in'

Joe Fraser is now parallel bars world champion for Great Britain.

"It still hasn't sunk in. I think it might take a few weeks, maybe months.

"For now, I'm just ecstatic with the way I've performed out there and I'm really happy that I've delivered routine after routine on those on those P-bars and, you know, to be in the company of such great, great gymnasts that I've looked up to for my whole junior career and to be put up there with the likes of Max [Whitlock] and Beth [Tweddle].

"I can't comprehend how proud I am, honestly."

5:17 pm – Andrade reassures fans

One gymnast who we didn't see compete here in Stuttgart was Rebeca Andrade of Brazil.

She's been out with an anterior cruciate ligament injury, and had to watch from the sidelines as Brazil failed to qualify a full team to Tokyo 2020.

But she tells us she'll be back.

5:04 pm – Simone speaks

4:54 pm – Count those medals!

Simone Biles poses with her five 2019 World Championship gold medals
Simone Biles poses with her five 2019 World Championship gold medals

4:48 pm – The World Championships are over

Lukas Fischer comes back out for one last encore of the Championships' official song, Set New Signs.

The meet's volunteers are all sharing the floor with him.

Here come Germany's gymnasts on the introduction stage, thanking the crowd for turning up. They get a big cheer.

Now, the action may be over but we've still got lots of reaction to come so stick with us on the live text.

4:43 pm – Biles on not doing eponymous beam dismount

Simone Biles is still not happy at how the FIG have rated her double-double beam dismount, which is named after her.

She did not perform it today.

"It's not worth a one tenth, like I'm sorry it's just not.

"I hit a really clean routine so I just did a full in and it's just not worth one tenth.

"If it was three tenths, Yeah, maybe but one tenth, I don't think so."

4:40 pm – Biles "tired"

Will Simone Biles enjoy her mom's Worlds party?

Maybe not…

"Sometimes it's just… it's just like, I'm tired. I just want to lay in bed.

"It's fun having them, but just sometimes my mom gets a deejay, bartender, and it just gets crazy."

4:35 pm – Hambüchen presents high bar gold

A big hug for Arthur Nory Mariano from Fabian Hambüchen, the Rio 2016 high bar champion, as he presents the gold medal.

It gets a big cheer from the crowd.

4:27 pm – Thomas Bach presenting Biles' floor gold

The IOC President and 1976 fencing Olympic champion, Thomas Bach, is on hand to present Simone Biles' floor exercise gold medal.

Biles is arguably the biggest name in Olympic sports heading into Tokyo 2020.

How will she celebrate?

"Usually my mom likes to throw a Worlds party, whether I want one or not," she said in the mixed zone.

"So I'm pretty sure that will also be held at the house some time.

"That's usually the biggest celebration, we just have a huge Worlds party."

4:17 pm – Most successful medallists of the meet

So Simone Biles leaves Stuttgart with five medals (all gold).

Artur Dalaloyan of Russia has four: one gold, two silver, and one bronze.

4:09 pm – Arthur Nory Mariano is high bar world champion

GOLD Arthur Mariano 14.900

SILVER Tin Srbic 14.666

BRONZE Artur Dalaloyan 14.533


Mikulak turns 27 today.

This is his pet event.

Everyone is watching him, the last gymnast to perform at these Championships.

The crowd is urging him on.

Big hop forward on dismount.

A hug for his coach. Mikulak salutes the crowd.



4:05 pm – Here comes Sam

Happy birthday, Sam Mikulak.

Can you win a medal?

4:03 pm – Bull falls

Australia's Tyson Bull, the only man from his country to make an apparatus final.

He's come off the high bar. There goes Under Pressure again.

So Mariano is guaranteed silver. Dalaloyan has at least bronze.

Bull does put in a great second half of his routine and sticks his dismount though.


4:01 pm – Mariano has a medal

Japan's 18-year-old Daiki Hashimoto is sixth up.

He was the eighth and last qualifier with a score of 14.366.

Has to hop back on his dismount.

14.233 and he won't medal.

3:58 pm – Mariano likes it!

Brazil's Arthur Nory Mariano now.

The crowd is getting into this routine!

And more or less sticks his double-double landing!

He is delighted! A big fist pump, then high-fives for his coach, he thinks this is good for gold.

14.900 and into the lead!

3:56 pm – Dalaloyan overtakes Lin

So here's Dalaloyan.

Lots of vocal encouragement from the Russian group in the athletes' seating.

Everything clean but the dismount. Heavily bent knees and had to hop forward.

14.533 and into second!

3:52 pm – Lin into second

Now someone actually representing the People's Republic of China.

Here comes Lin Chaopan.

The arena is silent as Lin does his thing.

Has to hop forward on landing for his double double dismount.

Nikita Nagornyy's just turned up in the athletes' seating near us. His teammate and friend Artur Dalaloyan is next up.

14.033 for Lin.

3:48 pm – Tang falls

Bit of a faux-pas from the in-arena announcer as she announces Tang Chia-hung of Chinese Taipei as representing the People's Republic of China.

He's come a cropper, lost his grip and falls off.

Under Pressure plays in the arena.

Sticks the landing though.

The announcer corrects her mistake at the end.

12.766 for Tang.

3:47 pm – Srbic opens

Tin Srbic is first up.

The high bar is always exhilarating for fans.

These gymnasts get so much air on it, and it's certainly the most risky.

14.666 for Srbic to open.

5:42 pm – Men's high bar

The finalists: Tin Srbic (Croatia), Tang Chia-hung (Chinese Taipei), Lin Chaopan (China), Artur Dalaloyan (Russia), Arthur Mariano (Brazil), Daiki Hashimoto (Japan), Tyson Bull (Australia), Sam Mikulak (USA)

5:38 pm – Simone Biles, 19-time World Champion

15.133 for Biles.

Sunisa Lee takes silver.

Bronze to Angelina Melnikova.

Biles' score was a whole point clear of Lee's.

Coach Laurent Landi gives Biles a pat on the back. I think he's as emotional as anyone.

5:35 pm – Biles nails it

Simone Biles.

The Biles II triple-double.

A huge roar from the crowd. As you were.

So much power, out of bounds on her next tumbling pass.

Yep, yep, yep, this will be gold number 19 of her Worlds career.

She's never won five golds in a single meet. Until now. Hard to believe this is probably her final World Championships of her career.

Greatest of all time.

3:34 pm – Lee has silver!

Brooklyn Moors of Canada now.

Just about hangs on in bounds to her final tumbling pass as time expired, managed to stop herself stepping out by windmilling her arms.

Very elegant with the music to match.

Simone Biles is up last, and you'd imagine she will medal, so Moors is hoping to be in the top two with her score.

Remember, Moors was an alternate for the final.

Flavia Saraiva has submitted a score inquiry.

So now we have a long wait for two scores. Biles is waiting by the side of the podium.

Saraiva's score is unchanged.

It's 13.600, Suni Lee has silver! Melnikova has bronze!

3:27 pm – Third for Saraiva

Flavia Saraiva of Brazil is up next.

Has she shrugged off her earlier fall on beam?

Energetic from Saraiva. Maybe too much? Has to squat slightly early on.

Does her dance elements to the Can-Can.

The crowd love this!

Saraiva has definitely redeemed herself.

13.966, into provisional third.

Sunisa Lee is guaranteed a medal.

3:22 pm – Melnikova into second

Here comes All Around star Angelina Melnikova.

Crowd clapping along to her music.

Tiny hop back on the final tumbling pass.

I don't think she's fallen a single time these Championships. She's had an incredible meet.

That's nice, but is it better-than-Suni-Lee nice?

It was 14.100 in qualifying. A decent improvement on that will put her ahead of Lee with three to go.

A bit of a wait here for her score, what are the judges scrutinising?

14.066, second place!

3:18 pm – Sunisa Lee leads

Sunisa Lee of the United States.

Unexpected bronze medallist on the uneven bars in her first Worlds.

Can she pull something off on floor?

That was a hit. Wow, 14.133! She's into the lead!

3:14 pm – Crowd in disbelief

Spain's Roxana Popa now.

"Vamos, vamos!"come the cries from her team-mates.

Greats the crowd cheering.

She was the final qualifier, 13.800 in qualifications, she should improve on that here.

Fantastic high-paced music to go with her routine.

Sticks her final skill – maybe a tiny hop?

The crowd go mad! Is that a medal? A huge hug for Popa from MDJDS!

It's just 13.800, which gets a big gasp from the crowd! MDJDS still leads.

3:10 pm – No luck for Liliia

Akhaimova sits down on her first tumbling pass? Or was that OOB?

Couple of wolf turns.

Her coaches look fairly happy, anyway.

Akhaimova waits patiently in the kiss-and-cry while the judges do their thing.

Yep, 13.500 with a 0.3 deduction.

3:06 pm – MDJDS first

MDJDS is up first. An all-white leotard.

Goes out of bounds on one of her tumbling passes.

The crowd love her.

Got to love women's floor, with music. Don't see why the men can't have the same.

Huge roar for de Jesus dos Santos.

13.833 including the deduction for OOB.

"Mélanie! Mélanie!" chant the French fans.

3:00 pm – Floor finalists

Women's floor time.

Your eight competitors: Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos (France), Liliia Akhaimova (Russia), Roxana Popa (Spain), Sunisa Lee (USA), Angelina Melnikova (Russia), Flavia Saraiva (Brazil), Brooklyn Moors (Canada), Simone Biles (USA)

2:57 pm – Medallists

GOLD Joe Fraser 15.000

SILVER Ahmet Onder 14.983

BRONZE Kazuma Kaya 14.966

The British fans in here are going mad! What a meet for Team GB!

2:55 pm – Joe Fraser is parallel bars world champion!

14.200 for Pakhniuk and Joe Fraser is world champion!

He is mobbed by Cunningham, Max Whitlock, Courtney Tulloch, and Giarnni Regini-Moran and his coaches and he's in tears!

They throw him in the air in celebration!

2:53 pm – Gold for Great Britain!

That could do it!

Petro Pakhniuk has some issues early in his routine, hitting his leg on the bars, and is this a surprise gold medal for Joe Fraser?

Sticks his landing but I think we can call it for Fraser!

2:52 pm – No medal for Germany

The rest of that routine was fine.

But what will that fall cost?

Dauser's being cheered to the rafters, but he looks disappointed.

He knows it could have been a home gold medal.

One man to follow, so he needs 14.983 (Onder's score) to guarantee a medal.

Joe Fraser couldn't believe it when Dauser fell. Neither could the German coaches.

Dauser gets just 13.833, there will be no home medal at these Championships.

2:50 pm – Dauser falls!

Here come the roars.

"Auf gehts, Luki!" shout his team-mates and family.

It's Lukas Dauser of Germany, the big home hope, who qualified in first.

OH NO! Loses the handstand and he's off the bars!

2:48 pm – Arican into fifth

Turkey's Ferhat Arican is sixth up in this final.

Shuffling a bit on the bars.

Nice dismount, which he sticks.

High-difficulty routine, 6.5 D-score. What will that net him total?

14.900 leaves him in fifth – Joe Fraser is guaranteed a medal!

2:44 pm – Xiao goes fourth

Xiao Ruoteng now.

Lots of air on the dismount for the floor bronze medallist.

He did take a small jump backwards but can't see that taking too much off his score.

14.966! It's fourth! It's so, so tight at the top!

Level with Kazuma Kaya but behind on the execution score tiebreaker.

2:41 pm – Fraser leads!

Joe Fraser of Great Britain.

Getting lots of encouragement from his coach and team-mate Dom Cunningham, who finished fifth on vault.

Doesn't quite stick the landing, right foot took an extra step forward.

Cunningham goes over and gives Fraser a big hug at the end of his routine.

15.000 and into the lead! Same score as in qualification.

2:38 pm – Kaya into second

Kazuma Kaya now.

His parents and team-mates are yelling encouragement from the stands.

Slightly off-balance on his dismount but I think he stuck it.

Huge roar and double fist pumps! Punches the air!

14.966 and he reacted thinking he'd done it! But no, just behind Onder!

Watch his routine from podium training below.

2:35 pm – Onder hits p-bars

Ahmet Onder of Turkey is next.

His team-mate Ibrahim Colak won their country's first Worlds gold yesterday on rings.

Sticks his double front half dismount which gets a clap from Xiao Ruoteng watching on.

14.983 and into the lead!

2:32 pm – Sun leads off

Sun Wei up first on p-bars.

Him and Xiao Ruoteng are the two Chinese athletes in this final. Defending champ Zou Jingyuan didn't qualify.

Shuffles a bit on the bars.

Sun has to hop forward on his dismount.


2:26 pm – Can hosts Germany win a medal?

Time for the men's parallel bars final.

Germany's Lukas Dauser qualified top.

The finalists: Sun Wei (China), Ahmet Onder (Turkey), Kazuma Kaya (Japan), Joe Fraser (Great Britain), Xiao Ruoteng (China), Ferhat Arican (Turkey), Lukas Dauser (Germany), and Petro Pakhniuk (Ukraine)

2:07 pm – Eighteen-time World Champion, Simone Biles

GOLD Simone Biles 15.066

SILVER Liu Tingting 14.433

BRONZE Li Shijia 14.300

Our report is here.

2:04 pm – Saraiva off the beam; Biles is world champion!

Flavia Saraiva of Brazil falls off the beam. That should do it, Simone Biles will be world champion.

Hits the rest of her routine but she's not getting 15 here.

Simone Biles, take a bow, the most-decorated World Championships gymnast ever!

13.400 for Saraiva.

2:02 pm – Biles into the lead

Simone Biles.

Makes it look effortless.

Every single time.

Not the Biles dismount though, she has said she doesn't want to do it while it's scored lower than she thinks it should be.

Will that knock Liu off the top?

Simone has a big grin in the kiss-and-cry, a huge roar goes up when she appears on the big screen.

INTO THE LEAD! 15.066! That wins her her 24th Worlds medal!

Hugs both the Chinese gymnasts. She looks like she can't believe the score.

1:59 pm – Eaker into the medals

Kara Eaker. Can she put all the drama of the inquiry during qualification behind her?

She has the crowd gasping and groaning on the edge of their seats.

This is a weird piano version of It's My Life by Bon Jovi. Where have the organisers got this soundtrack from?

Sticks her dismount, that looked impressive.

14.000 flat and into the medals!

1:55 pm – Defending champ Liu leads

Defending champion Liu Tingting is next.

She was scratched from the all-around final but she's here today.

Nearly loses her footing, but just about saves it!

She sticks the landing I think!

Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos has submitted a score inquiry. It's been accepted, giving her a new score of 13.966. She's still in second.

Meanwhile, China's women's team captain Liu gets 14.433, into the lead!

1:50 pm – MDJDS into second

France's Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos.

The piano covers don't stop. MDJDS has to contend with Wake Me Up When September Ends.

A baby screeches a cry in the crowd amongst shouts of "Allez!" from French fans.

Hops back on the double tuck dismount.

The French fans have arranged their shirts today to make a French tricolore in the crowd.

IOC President Thomas Bach is here, too.

It's only 13.666, though, second place.

1:47 pm – Hosts' Voss into second

Sarah Voss of Germany now.

The background music's switched to an instrumental cover of Numb by Linkin Park.

The crowd really getting behind Voss.

Has to hop forward on her dismount, the crowd go wild.

Voss appears on the big screen, the crowd cheer, it's 13.266 to move her behind Li.

1:44 pm – Padurariu falls twice

Anne-Marie Padurariu falls off the beam!

And she's off for a second time.

Not going well for the 17-year-old, who gets a big clap from the crowd as she re-mounts.

Does land her dismount though.

What a shame.

Just 11.933, unfortunately.

1:40 pm – Li misses time cutoff

Li Shijia up first on beam.

Getting a slow, melancholy piano version of Apologize by OneRepublic for background music. It's all a bit weird.

She doesn't look that confident.

Hits the dismount but goes over time.

That will be a deduction for time.


1:36 pm – Women's beam final

Here are the competitors: Li Shijia (China), Anne-Marie Padurariu (Canada), Sarah Voss (Germany), Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos (France), Liu Tingting (China), Kara Eaker (USA), Simone Biles (USA), Flavia Saraiva (Brazil)

1:34 pm – Medal winners

GOLD Nikita Nagornyy 14.966

SILVER Artur Dalaloyan 14.933

BRONZE Igor Radivilov 14.749

1:31 pm – Nagornyy wins!

And now the final vault athlete, Le Thanh Tung of Vietnam.

14.666 to open, hops forward on his second vault.

The current bronze-medal score is 14.749.

So Le needs 14.832 to tie for bronze.

The Russians are hugging, they're convinced they've got their medals.

They do! Le scores 14.4 for a 14.533 average.

A third gold medal for Nikita Nagornyy!

1:28 pm – Cunningham matches qualifying score

Dom Cunningham of Great Britain.

Nicely done, takes a small jump forward.

Cunningham was the eighth and final qualifier with 14.566 in qualification.

That's also his score for his first vault.

Again a nice landing for the Brit on his second vault, another tiny hop, but you imagine he will improve on his qualification score.

14.566 for his second vault too, so that will be his final score, into fifth for now.

1:24 pm – Shek falls

Shek up now.

Ouch. Completely missed that Ri Se-gwang vault and landed on his front.

That's going to hurt, and that's going to be a low score.

Even Nagornyy grimaced in the kiss-and-cry.


And a step back on Shek's second vault, the Ri Se-gwang II.

That's not going to go it, 15.000 for that second vault but a 14.466 average.

1:20 pm – Russia one-two

Nikita Nagornyy up.

Does just about stick that first vault, a Dragulescu.

Wonder what Marian thinks about all his rivals doing his vault?


And Nagornyy nearly his second vault too, a very tiny hop, the Russians are not here to mess about!

He looks happy with himself.

It's 15.000 for a 14.966 average! He overtakes Dalaloyan, and gives his teammate a pat on the back.

1:17 pm – Dragulescu misses second vault

Here comes 38-year-old four-time world champion Marian Dragulescu.


The crowd love him! It's 14.966 for his first vault, the Dragulescu, it's his own vault.

But oh no, he's misjudged the second vault, and took a fairly big step for balance.

Just 14.283 for a 14.624 average.

Won't be a fifth world title for the Romanian.

1:14 pm – Dalaloyan leads

Dalaloyan has to hop backwards on his first vault, a Shirai–Kim Hee Hoon vault.

The Russian's qualification score was 14.716.

It's 14.933!

Second vault… a big right foot forward, not sure he's particularly pleased with that, still gives the crowd a wave and his coach a hug.

Slightly off to the side on that second vault too.

14.933 again for an average of 14.933 and Dalaloyan is into first!

1:10 pm – No third title for Yang

Radivilov up next for Ukraine.

Really had to bend on landing to stay on his feet but does just about stick his first vault, a Dragulescu (named after his fellow finalist).


Second vault incoming…

Didn't quite get the landing right, was bent slightly too far forward and had to take a hop forwards to not fall over.

It's 14.666, 14.749 average, and he's overtaken the two-time world champ Yang!

1:06 pm – Yang falls on first vault

The top qualifier on vault, Yang, falls on his landing on his first vault, an eponymous skill, and takes a big turn and step to balance himself. That will cost him a medal.

Just 13.733.

The second vault is much better, a small hop backwards though. 14.900.

That gives him an average of 14.316.

12:58 pm – Men's vault finalists

Yang Hakseon (South Korea), Igor Radivilov (Ukraine), Artur Dalaloyan (Russia), Marian Dragulescu (Romania), Nikita Nagornyy (Russia), Shek Wai Hung (Hong Kong, China), Dominick Cunningham (Great Britain), Le Thanh Tung (Vietnam)

Dragulescu turns 39 in December!

12:30 pm – Nagornyy and Dalaloyan go for more

Can Nikita Nagornyy and Artur Dalaloyan win their third medals of these Championships?

Both Russians are in the men's vault final (with Dalaloyan also in the horizontal bar final).

You can watch their podium training on vault below.

12:15 pm – One final time…

Hello one last time from Stuttgart, where we've reached the final day of competition at the 2019 World Championships.

There are five apparatus event finals to get through today: a wide-open men's vault final leads us off at 1 pm, with Russians Nikita Nagornyy and Artur Dalaloyan looking for more medals from this meet. The women's beam final follows as Simone Biles has the chance to become the most successful gymnast of all time, male or female, in terms of World Championship medals with her 24th.

A brief break will follow for the first two victory ceremonies, before the men's parallel bars final with hosts Germany's best chance of a medal through Lukas Dauser, who qualified top on that apparatus. Biles could potentially win Worlds medal number 25 on the floor after that, before the afternoon ends with the men's horizontal bar with all eyes on USA's Sam Mikulak, who is celebrating his 27th birthday today.

There have been two scratches out of event finals.

Canada's Ellie Black injured herself in the all-around final and has withdrawn from the balance beam final. That opens the door for USA's Kara Eaker, who had originally qualified for the final before an inquiry into her score resulted in it being lowered, moving her down to first reserve.

And the uneven bars world champion Nina Derwael of Belgium has pulled out of the floor final, meaning Brooklyn Moors of Canada takes her place.

The athletes are out there warming up on the competition apparatus as the arena begins to fill up. We're in for a treat today.

Let us know if you're following the blog by tagging @olympicchannel on Twitter or using the official #Stuttgart2019 hashtag.

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