Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019 | Day 9 as it happened

A day of firsts and records as apparatus finals began in Stuttgart – re-live the action.

22 min By ZK Goh

Welcome to the Olympic Channel's blog coverage of the FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships 2019. We're on the ground in Stuttgart, Germany, to bring you all the news and updates.

It was apparatus finals day 1 here in Stuttgart, with five sets of medals up for grabs.

Carlos Yulo of the Philippines became the first person from his country to win a World Championships title by clinching victory in the men's floor final, before Simone Biles equalled the all-time medal haul at the World Championships by winning gold (her 23rd medal) in the women's vault.

Olympic champion Max Whitlock won his third world pommel horse gold, before Nina Derwael defended her uneven bars title. Turkey's Ibrahim Colak then won his country's first World title by triumphing on rings.

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9:30 pm – One day to go

Just one day of finals left.

We've had a historic day today in Stuttgart.

Carlos Yulo of the Philippines became the first person from his country to win a World Championships title by clinching victory in the men's floor final, before Simone Biles equalled the all-time medal haul at the World Championships by winning gold (her 23rd medal) in the women's vault.

Olympic champion Max Whitlock won his third world pommel horse gold, before Nina Derwael defended her uneven bars title. Turkey's Ibrahim Colak then won his country's first World title by triumphing on rings.

Tomorrow, Biles goes for world medals number 24 and 25.

Join us from 12:30 pm.

9:18 pm – Emotions

9:03 pm – Rhys McClenaghan talks up pommel horse final

There were a few jeers from the crowd when Rhys McClenaghan's pommel horse score was announced during that final, but the Irishman isn't complaining.

"It was the right score for me. It really was," he said.

"There's so much more to come. I can add difficulty, I can increase my execution score even more. I know I can, and this is exciting times for me.

"This is only the start."

The high-quality final saw the three medallists separated by only a tenth of a point.

"That is the best final I've ever seen and I was so proud to be a part of that.

"Like, the standard is huge now. It's incredible to have such diverse routines as well, like different varieties, of course you've got Lee Chih Kai doing the flairs the whole way his routine, you've got me doing Russians, you've got Max doing his huge difficulty.

"It's such a good final to be a part of and I'm proud to be a part of it as well."

8:48 pm – Derwael reflects on good week

Nina Derwael retained her uneven bars title today, having also been part of the Belgian team that qualified a full squad for Tokyo.

"This was such an incredible week. First qualifying to the Olympics with the team, that was our main goal here, and then the all-around final that went really, really good for me, and just now like ending with this high note, just it's incredible."

8:44 pm – Hambüchen's still got it

Rio 2016 high bar champion Fabian Hambüchen, who's an athlete ambassador for these Championships, just had a go on the horizontal bar they've installed for tomorrow's final in this empty arena.

Safe to say he still has what it takes.

8:30 pm – Colak couldn't watch

Ibrahim Colak admits he couldn't watch the last few gymnasts on still rings.

"Oh my God. This is World Championships and I take gold medal. Really. I don't remember last half hour.

"[I was] a little bit nervous and thinking too much. I [wanted it] really, too much this time.

"Then I take gold medal and I'm so happy. And also I have tickets for Olympic Games now. This is will be the first time for me.

"I don't know. I am happy, thank you very much for everything."

8:21 pm – Whitlock on emotions after winning

Max Whitlock was in tears when his pommel horse victory was confirmed.

"It's kind of hard to describe, and I actually don't think I've felt like that in a competition ever, the feeling was kind of strange.

"Very, very different, I was sitting there and obviously I had a long time to wait, I was second up, there was a lot of big scores coming in, a lot of clean routines being done, that pommel final was a big final.

"To do it today feels incredible, it feels absolutely amazing, so yeah, I feel really pleased. And for GB we've done amazing, bronze, silver, and gold today with the girls as well."

8:03 pm – Sunisa Lee on winning uneven bars bronze

At just 16 years old in her first World Championships, Sunisa Lee clinched bronze on the uneven bars.

"It just meant a lot to me just because I fell in the all-around final, and that kind of let me down, in practice also yesterday.

"So to hit feels really well and to finish on the podium feels absolutely amazing."

8:00 pm – Happy Brits!

7:57 pm – Biles on history-equalling day

Simone Biles now has 23 World medals, equal most all time for any gymnast male or female.

"I don't know, what is it supposed to feel like? I don't know, I don't get time to think about these things.

"I think about my performances and then… dinner."

Asked about not doing her eponymous vault she debuted last year, Biles said: "We haven't trained it that much, it definitely didn't go as well as the training last year, but going into the gym we'll focus a lot more on that vault."

7:45 pm – Medal count

So, with five finals left in the Championships to come tomorrow, here is the medal count:

USA 3🥇1🥈1🥉

Russia 2🥇2🥈1🥉

Great Britain 1🥇1🥈1🥉

Belgium, Philippines, Turkey 1🥇

China 2🥈1🥉

Italy 1🥈1🥉

Chinese Taipei, Israel 1🥈

France, Japan, Ireland, Ukraine 1🥉

7:30 pm – Reaction to follow

We'll have all the reaction from today's victorious gymnasts to come, so stay with us.

7:20 pm – Apparatus final Olympic qualifiers

Here are the Tokyo 2020 qualifiers after today's apparatus finals:

Men's floor exercise

Artem Dolgopyat (Israel), two spots re-allocated to all-around qualification

Women's vault

Yeo Seojeong (South Korea), two spots re-allocated to all-around qualification

Men's pommel horse

Rhys McClenaghan (Ireland), Cyril Tommasone (France), one spot re-allocated to all-around qualification

Women's uneven bars

All three spots re-allocated to all-around qualification

Men's still rings

Ibrahim Colak (Turkey), Marco Lodadio (Italy), Samir Aït Saïd (France)

7:10 pm – Celebrations for Turkey

Big celebrations in the corner where the Turkish fans are!

GOLD Ibrahim Colak 14.933

SILVER Marco Lodadio 14.900

BRONZE Samir Aït Saïd 14.800

Petrounias has finished off the podium and will need to qualify for Tokyo through the World Cup.

7:07 pm – Aït Saïd medals!

Here comes Samir Aït Saïd of France, who broke his leg in Rio after falling.

This would be a big comeback if he can get a medal here.

A few concerned noises from the crowd. A lot of Allez shouts from the French fans.


14.800! Bronze and a trip to Tokyo!

7:04 pm – Tovmasyan misses landing

Artur Tovmasyan of Armenia is another gymnast who hasn't yet booked his ticket to Tokyo.

That's not going to do it, had to take a huge step backwards on his dismount, he looks disappointed.

Just 14.200.

Italy's Marco Lodadio is guaranteed a medal and a spot in Tokyo!

Ibrahim Colak has at least silver.

7:01 pm – Defending champ Petrounias beaten!

The defending champion and Rio 2016 gold medallist, Eleftherios Petrounias is next.

He's looking for a fourth rings world title after 2015, 2017, and 2018. Unbeaten in major meets since he finished sixth in 2014.

But Petrounias has a battle on his hands here with Colak and Lodadio both going big.

Doesn't quite stick his dismount, has to take a step back.

He looks fairly content with it, a high-ten with his coach then a long hug.

What will that score him? 14.733 only and he's been beaten!

Ibrahim Colak is guaranteed both a medal and a spot at Tokyo 2020.

6:57 pm – Lodadio just behind Colak

Marco Lodadio of Italy.

This background music is certainly adding drama, if nothing else. Stirring orchestral music.

Sticks his landing and the Italians are going crazy! An immediate reaction, pure emotion!

Double fist pump from Lodadio.

That was a 6.3-difficulty routine for the 2018 bronze medallist.

And it's … 14.900! Just behind Colak!

6:54 pm – Colak delivers

Ibrahim Colak is up next for Turkey.

An Olympic spot is on the line.

That's our first stuck rings dismount of the day!

Delivering when it matters!

He had the top qualification score of 14.858.

Moves into first, 14.933!

6:51 pm – Klessing doesn't improve qualifying score

Nick Klessing of Germany gets a huge cheer from the crowd.

Can he avoid Eli Seitz's fate from earlier and stay on?

The crowd certainly love his routine!

Team-mate Andreas Toba is giving him a standing ovation in the crowd.

The triple backward salto dismount didn't look the cleanest but that won't matter, competing in a Worlds final in front of a home crowd must be a special feeling for the 21-year-old.

His qualifications score was 14.566 and I imagine he'd like to improve on that.

Only 14.166, unfortunately. That will place him third.

6:47 pm – 2012 Olympic champ Zanetti into first

Arthur Zanetti of Brazil.

London 2012 and 2013 World gold medallist on rings.

Showing great strength here, the crowd appreciate it.

A hop back on the dismount.

He had a 14.700 in qualifications.

A big hug for his coach.

The 29-year-old scores 14.725 to move ahead of Ablyazin.

6:44 pm – Ablyazin just misses landing

Denis Ablyazin is up first.

He scored 14.600 in qualifications.

Doesn't quite nail the dismount, a step forward with his right foot.

He's a two-time world medallist: silver in 2017 and bronze in 2014.

Can he reach the podium again here?


6:39 pm – Rings final

Denis Ablyazin (Russia), Arthur Zanetti (Brazil), Nick Klessing (Germany), Ibrahim Colak (Turkey), Marco Lodadio (Italy), Eleftherios Petrounias (Greece), Artur Tovmasyan (Armenia), Samit Aït Saïd (France)

There is added significance in this final as Colak, Lodadio, Petrounias, Tovmasyan, and Aït Saïd are all fighting for three Tokyo 2020 spots.

6:34 pm – Biles fifth

Biles finished fifth. Her score of 14.700 matched that from last year, when she won silver.

However, her gold in the vault earlier ensured she is now tied for the most medals by anybody in World Championships history.

6:31 pm – Nina Derwael retains uneven bars world title

Everyone is gathered around Downie and Derwael in the kiss-and-cry.

15.000 is the score to beat for the Belgian. She scored 15.141 in qualifications.

There it is!

GOLD Nina Derwael 15.233

SILVER Becky Downie 15.000

BRONZE Sunisa Lee 14.733

6:30 pm – Derwael hits!

Here comes the defending champion, Nina Derwael of Belgium.

That was pretty impressive, great work and movement between the bars.

Sticks the landing!

Can you say two-time world champion?

6:28 pm – Spiridonova out of the medals

Daria Spiridonova next.

She already has a team silver medal from Stuttgart, while her husband Nikita Nagornyy has two gold medals.

Can she add to her family's haul?

Not bad at all, needed to take an extra step with her left foot on dismounting.

I must say, the level of encouragement from her fellow gymnasts, Russian and non-Russian, was great. Lots of sportsmanship here.

15.016 in qualification, she was the second-best then.

14.633, she's not going to medal! Becky Downie has at least silver! Sunisa Lee has at least bronze!

6:26 pm – Liu Tingting rebounds from team final issues

Tingting Liu is getting encouragement in both Chinese and English from the crowd and her fellow gymnasts.

China's women's team captain was scratched from the individual final the other day after a rough team final performance but that was pretty good, small jump forward on the dismount but a high-ten with her coach.

14.766 was her qualification score; 14.733 will move her into the medals; 15.000 is the current lead.

It's 14.400, so no medal for Liu. Becky Downie is guaranteed a medal.

6:22 pm – Melnikova pushes Biles out of medals

Here comes All Around star Angelina Melnikova.

The eighth and final qualifier for this final with 14.700 in qualification.

Perfect start for her though.

And she sticks her landing.

14.733 and she pushes Biles out of the medals.

6:19 pm – Seitz falls

Eli Seitz gets a great cheer from the crowd, the only German female gymnast in action today.

But oh no, she's off the lower bar! Lands on her feet with the fall.

She does stick the dismount though.


6:16 pm – Lee moves above Biles

Sunisa Lee for the USA is third up.

Simone Biles cheering her on all the way, "come on, stick, stick!"

She doesn't quite stick the landing, there is a very small hop forward, but I imagine Lee will be happy with that. She's just 16 and in her first Worlds.

Everyone is here to play! 14.800 for Lee above Biles!

6:13 pm – Downie into lead

Becky Downie next. Younger sister Ellie won vault bronze earlier.

Great transitions between the bars, the crowd love it, a small step back on her dismount but wow!

The two-time Olympian hit that routine, and the GB team loved that.

She scored 14.800 in qualification.

15.000 flat and the crowd roars!

6:10 pm – Biles leads off with 14.700

Simone Biles qualified in seventh with 14.733. She's up first in this final.

She becomes the most-medalled gymnast in Worlds history if she finishes in the top three.

Lots of support from the crowd. Coach Laurent Landi has to back off as Biles goes for her dismount, and sticks it!

This is arguably her weakest event. She's the 2018 world silver medallist on this apparatus.

Her parents were pretty happy with that in the crowd!

14.700, that equals her score from last year.

6:07 pm – Uneven bars final

Here are your finalists:

Simone Biles (USA), Becky Downie (Great Britain), Sunisa Lee (USA), Elisabeth Seitz (Germany), Angelina Melnikova (Russia), Liu Tingting (China), Daria Spiridonova (Russia), Nina Derwael (Belgium)

6:04 pm – Carlos Yulo reacts

6:01 pm – More history

After Carlos Yulo and Simone Biles made history, Rhys McClenaghan has done so too – the first Irish World Championships medallist.

5:55 pm – Max Whitlock is world champion!

14.733 for Shiao Yu-Jan of Chinese Taipei, and Max Whitlock is the pommel horse world champion!

He's crying in the kiss-and-cry as he accepts the Union Flag.

GOLD Max Whitlock 15.500

SILVER Lee Chih-Kai 15.433

BRONZE Rhys McClenaghan 15.400

5:53 pm – Zou sits fourth

Zou Jingyuan follows.

The Chinese didn't make the final of his preferred event, the parallel bars, on which he was defending champion.

A clean routine but the difficulty not as high as Whitlock's or Lee's.

It's 15.000, that puts him fourth, just outside the medals. 6.3 for difficulty and 8.7 for execution.

5:50 pm – Lee into second!

Chinese Taipei's Lee Chih Kai follows and he's got the crowd on his side too!

14.966 in qualifications for Lee.

You can see why the crowd wants him to do well, such a flowing routine.

A big clap after dismounting and a roar from Lee! He thinks he's got a medal here!

14.866 to better Kazuma Kaya, who's the current third placed man.

There's a bit of a wait for this score. A lot of deliberation… A very long wait. Under Pressure plays over the PA system. The crowd are getting restless…

Yes, that will do it, it's 15.433! Ahead of McClenaghan!

5:44 pm – McClenaghan 0.100 behind Whitlock

Here comes the Commonwealth Games champion, Rhys McClenaghan, who beat Whitlock in Gold Coast last year.

He's the biggest challenger to the Brit.

Working very well across the horse, the crowd is going, and a huge roar as he dismounts!

15.200 in qualifying, this will also run Whitlock close!

Two arms up in the air as McClenaghan salutes the crowd!

The 20-year-old from the north of Ireland, representing the Republic here, has already booked his ticket to Tokyo by virtue of being in this final.

What's his score? 9.000 for execution!

15.400! Second place, just behind Whitlock! A few jeers from the crowd for his score!

5:41 pm – Hashimoto falls

Kaya's teammate Daiki Hashimoto now.

And he's off! Just lost his hands there and came off while spinning.

The second fall today on pommel horse.

Hits the second half of his routine but at what cost?

Only 13.333, below Belyavskiy.

5:38 pm – Kaya into second

Kazuma Kaya up on horse.

He's moving around on his hands with agility, the crowd loves it, a big fist pump from Kaya after the dismount!

Kaya tied Belyavskiy on 14.633 in qualification but the Japanese has no worries about bettering his Russian rival today.

A very strong 14.866 to move him into second.

5:33 pm – Belyavskiy falls

David Belyavskiy is up.

He's fallen! Loses his grip and sits down.

Unfortunate for the Russian.

Just 13.566 for him, that fall was costly.

5:31 pm – 15.500 for Whitlock!

Here comes Olympic champion Max Whitlock.

Looks clean on the flairs… he fell on the horse in team final. No such problems today…

And the dismount is good too!

The two-time world champ on this apparatus had 15.266 in qualification, the top score.

Last year's champion, Xiao Ruoteng, isn't in this year's final.

A huge 15.500! 7.000 difficulty!

5:28 pm – Tommasone improves on qualification

Cyril Tommasone really got the crowd going there, clapping him through his routine and ending with a big roar on his dismount.

His qualification score was 14.666.

The 32-year-old improves on that! It's 14.833.

5:23 pm – No rest for the wicked

There's no break at all, straight to the men's pommel horse final!

The finalists:

Cyril Tommasone (France), Max Whitlock (Great Britain), David Belyavskiy (Russia), Kazuma Kaya (Japan), Daiki Hashimoto (Japan), Rhys McClenaghan (Ireland), Lee Chih Kai (Chinese Taipei), Zou Jingyuan (China), Shiao Yu-Jan (Chinese Taipei)

There are nine finalists because of a tie for eighth in qualifying between Belyavskiy and Kaya.

5:17 pm – Biles collects 17th gold

And now, Simone Biles receives her 17th World Championship gold, to go with four from the Olympic Games.

5:08 pm – Victory ceremony

Time for the victory ceremonies.

First up, men's floor.

The Philippines' Carlos Yulo is the first person from his country to win an artistic gymnastics world title.

5:05 pm – Biles equals record

Simone Biles now has 23 World Championship medals (17 gold).

That equals the all-time record, male or female.

5:03 pm – Medallists

It's official, here are the women's vault medallists:

GOLD Simone Biles 15.399

SILVER Jade Carey 14.883

BRONZE Ellie Downie 14.816

Hugs all around for Biles.

5:02 pm – Carey steps off the mat!

Carey had the top score in qualification.

A small hop back on her first vault with a 6.000 difficulty.

Applause from Biles in the kiss-and-cry, it's 15.166 for Carey.

Here comes the second vault. Remember, Biles' average score is 15.399.


That won't do it!

5:00 pm – Akhaimova falls

Liliia Akhaimova is up.

She didn't have a great day in the all-around final.

A big step back with her right foot on the first vault.

Still, 14.700 for Akhaimova on the first vault, an execution score of 8.900.

Oh no, that landing wasn't good on the second – lots of 'davai!' shouts from the crowd but she landed off to her left and had to take a few steps back on the Tsukuhara double twist.

Only 14.366 on the average, 14.033 for that second vault.

Sixth place. Biles and Downie are guaranteed medals.

Here comes Jade Carey.

4:57 pm – Moreno into fifth

Alexa Moreno builds up a lot of speed for her first vault, maybe too much?

She takes two steps back after landing so that will cost her a few points.

14.466 with an 0.1 deduction.

Second vault is much better, she stuck the landing this time.

Hugs for Moreno from Biles in the kiss and cry.

It's 14.633 average, 14.800 for the second vault, she won't be on the podium.

4:53 pm – Olsen in the medals

Shallon Olsen follows.

Landing is good on the Yurchenko double twist. A tiny, tiny step back.

The Canadian scores 14.600 for that.

6.000 difficulty on Olsen's second vault.

Didn't get too much air and wasn't sure if she was going to be able to make that landing, a bit unbalanced on the landing and has to adjust her position.

Still should get a decent score thanks to her difficulty.

14.866, an average of 14.733, and she's into the medals.

4:49 pm – Yeo falls

This is the highest-difficulty vault we've seen so far.

6.200, but Yeo Seojeong falls on the landing!

Still only 17 years old.

Her dad Yeo Hong-Chul was 1996 Olympic silver medallist on vault.

13.933 for Yeo with a 0.3 deduction on the first vault.

A small hop back on the second vault but much cleaner.

That first vault will cost her. It's 14.183 average, 14.433 for that second vault.

4:46 pm – Qi in third

Qi Qi is just 16 years old.

It's her first World Championships.

A Yurchenko double twist, 5.400 difficulty, on her first vault.

14.600 to open.

Not quite a stuck landing, her right foot goes back on her second vault.

14.700 on the second vault for a 14.650 average.

4:43 pm – Biles is amazing

Simone Biles makes it look effortless.

15.333 on her opening vault, a Cheng.

Here comes the second vault, Amanar.

Huge roar as she sticks the landing (more or less)!

But she didn't do the Biles today like she suggested she might.

15.466 on that second vault (9.666 execution)!

15.399 average!

4:39 pm – Downie leads off

Ellie Downie opens with a Yurchenko double twist, difficulty 5.400.

9.200 on execution gives her 14.600.

Here comes her second vault, with a high 6.000-difficulty.

Big hop back on landing.

15.033 for the second vault for an average of 14.816.

4:34 pm – Moving swiftly on…

No time to rest, here's the women's vault final.

The competitors…

Ellie Downie (Great Britain), Simone Biles (USA), Qi Qi (China), Yeo Seojeong (South Korea), Shallon Olsen (Canada), Alexa Moreno (Mexico), Liliia Akhaimova (Russia), Jade Carey (USA)

4:32 pm – It's official!

GOLD Carlos Yulo 15.300

SILVER Artem Dolgopyat 15.200

BRONZE Xiao Rutoeng 14.933

Dalaloyan and Nagornyy both go over to Yulo and give him a hug.

4:30 pm – Yulo wins gold!

One to go, it's Dominick Cunningham of Great Britain.

Falls, hands down on his second tumbling pass!

That should confirm our medallists!

4:28 pm – Yulo leads with one to go!

Carlos Yulo gets lots of air!

The Filipino is wowing the crowd. This is very good through five tumbling passes.

He was last year's bronze medallist.

Hasn't gone out of bounds either.

Lands it! This could threaten Dolgopyat! Stuck every landing there!

The youngest competitor in this final, that was a very high-difficulty routine, is this gold for the Philippines?

He scored 14.633 in qualification.

Yes! 15.300! His coach is going crazy! What a routine!

4:24 pm – Dolgopyat still leads after six

Here comes Xiao Ruoteng.

Has to windmill his hands for balance on his first pass, and the second.

This background music isn't necessarily helping, it's slow and low.

A small hop on his final pass, that will do it for his gold medal hopes?

14.833 was his qualification score (fourth).

It's a bit of a wait here for his result. 14.933! That guarantees Dolgopyat a medal.

4:21 pm – Dalaloyan won't defend title

Here comes the defending champ, Artur Dalaloyan.

Clean through his first four tumbling passes.

No problem on the handstand.

The crowd groans on the fifth pass… a bit shaky on that one?

Fifty-six seconds is all it takes for Dalaloyan to complete his routine.

His qualification score was 14.733.

It's 14.800 into second and he won't retain his title!

4:18 pm – Lin Chaopan second

Lin Chaopan of China qualified for this final in second place (14.933).

Looked fairly good.

Gives a thumbs up to the camera in the kiss-and-cry, it's 14.700 for Lin but that's good for second.

4:14 pm – Kim Hansol third of three

Kim Hansol's qualification score was 14.666, but that routine just then elicited a few groans and breaths from the crowd.

The 23-year-old has a small section of fans in the stands with the Korean flag cheering him on.

Only 13.833 for that routine with a few errors and he's going to be below Nagornyy.

4:09 pm – Dolgopyat likes it!

Big fist pumps from Israel's Artem Dolgopyat as he finishes his routine!

The top qualifier on floor (15.033 in qualification) had lots of vocal support from the athletes area in the stands.

That was impressive, maybe had one slightly wobbly landing but other than that hard to fault.

It's 15.200, better than his qualification score, and that is medal-worthy!

4:04 pm – Nagornyy error

Here we go. Oh! Nagornyy hops backwards out of bounds on his first pass!

His score in qualification was 14.900, but that mistake right at the start will cost him.

That nets him a penalty of 0.3 for a score of 14.166 and that's his chances gone right there.

3:50 pm – Olympic spots on the line

The top three athletes in each apparatus final not already qualified for Tokyo 2020 either individually or through a team will book their spots through to the Japanese capital next year.

If there aren't three athletes, the spots will default back to the all-around qualification.

We will of course keep you updated on all the Olympic qualifying news.

3:30 pm – Men's floor final first up

Here's a recap of the eight finalists on men's floor, the first event today:

Nikita Nagornyy (Russia), Artem Dolgopyat (Israel), Kim Hansol (South Korea), Lin Chaopan (China), Artur Dalaloyan (Russia), Xiao Ruoteng (China), Carlos Edriel Yulo (Philippines), Dominick Cunningham (Great Britain)

The defending champion is Artur Dalaloyan. Carlos Yulo won bronze last year.

You can watch Nagornyy's and Xiao's routines from podium training below.

3:15 pm – Ready for a packed day of finals

Hello and welcome back to Stuttgart!

It's apparatus finals day, which means we have no fewer than five sets of medals to award today.

All-around and team champion Nikita Nagornyy goes for a third gold medal of the meet in the men's floor (4 pm), before Simone Biles attempts to win a record-equalling 23rd World medal in the women's vault (4:41 pm).

Olympic champion Max Whitlock faces Ireland's Rhys McClenaghan on the pommel horse at 5:42 pm, before Nina Derwael defends her uneven bars title (6:25 pm) and Eleftherios Petrounias attempts the same on the still rings (7:06 pm).

We have live streaming of the final in selected countries: click here to find out more. (U.S. viewers should click here.) Please note streaming may not be available in your territory. But don't worry, you can still stay with us on the blog for all the updates.

If you're following our live blog, do let us know @olympicchannel on Twitter or by using the official event hashtags, #Stuttgart2019 and #setnewsigns.

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