Pamela ROSA

Games Participations1
First Olympic GamesTokyo 2020
Year of Birth1999
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Born into a low-income family in São José dos Campos, Brazil, the odds were stacked against Pamela Rosa. Rosa’s parents, forced to raise their family in a one-bedroom house, desperately looked for ways to keep their energetic daughter outside and entertained.

At first her they handed her a BMX. Then after watching their fearless eight-year-old take her bike up to the tallest verts with great concern, they asked if she would trade her bike for a skateboard. Little did they know that in handing her a board they were empowering their daughter with a sport that would transform her life, and theirs, entirely.

Six years on from that day Rosa debuted at the X-Games, skateboarding’s most prestigious event. Rattled by nerves, the then 13-year-old struggled to gain any traction for her tricks, resulting in disappointment. A year later she bounced back with a newfound confidence she stunned everyone by bagging a second-place finish. Since then, Rosa has gone on to win six X-Games medals, including two golds – an incredible feat for a skater who only recently turned 21.

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