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Pamela ROSA

Born into a low-income family in São José dos Campos, Brazil, the odds were stacked against Pamela Rosa. Rosa’s parents, forced to raise their family in a one-bedroom house, desperately looked for ways to keep their energetic daughter outside and entertained.

At first her they handed her a BMX. Then after watching their fearless eight-year-old take her bike up to the tallest verts with great concern, they asked if she would trade her bike for a skateboard. Little did they know that in handing her a board they were empowering their daughter with a sport that would transform her life, and theirs, entirely.

Six years on from that day Rosa debuted at the X-Games, skateboarding’s most prestigious event. Rattled by nerves, the then 13-year-old struggled to gain any traction for her tricks, resulting in disappointment. A year later she bounced back with a newfound confidence she stunned everyone by bagging a second-place finish. Since then, Rosa has gone on to win six X-Games medals, including two golds – an incredible feat for a skater who only recently turned 21.

Now sitting in the top spot on the Olympic World Skateboarding rankings, the young skating talent can’t seem to stop dominating the field. Out of the six Olympic qualifiers that took place in 2019 Rosa competed in four. Of that four, she won three. Her victory at the Dew Tour Long beach qualifying event was a consecutive win, and her first-place finish at the Street League World Championships in Sao Paulo, had the special quality of being a victory on home soil.

“Skateboarding changed my life completely,” said Rosa to “And now it has pushed me to meet people all over the world, to even talk to my idols, people I have always looked up to.”

Heading into Tokyo 2020, in 2021, where skateboarding made its Olympic debut, the shy Brazilian was left facing a lot to negotiate. Not only did she have a target her back but also the expectations of her skateboard-loving nation.

Despite being one of the gold medal favourites Rosa was unable to deliver on the promise that encircled her. Three trick runs without a posted score proved to be costly for Rosa when it came to her overall total score. She found herself finishing in 10th place just outside the qualifying cut-off of eighth, and so did not make the Olympic final.

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