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    Beijing 2008
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Camille MUFFAT

The winner of three medals at London 2012, including gold in the 400m freestyle, French swimmer Camille Muffat retired from competition at the age of 24 before tragically losing her life in a helicopter crash in March 2015.

Beating the boys

Born in Nice, Camille Muffat spent her childhood years dreaming of Olympic glory. At the age of 12 she teamed up with swimming coach Fabrice Pellerin, the man who would eventually take her to the top of the sport.Discussing Pellerin’s approach to coaching in April 2012, Muffat said: “Fabrice is hard on the girls. He keeps telling us to move and to close the gap on the boys. The time gap over 400m can be anything up to 20 seconds, and he tells us to keep it down as much as possible. It makes the boys laugh. They don’t like the girls going quicker. But I take the challenge on and it does pull us along, even if it makes your head spin sometimes.”

From medley to freestyle

Muffat began her competitive career as a medley specialist, dominating the discipline at domestic level. After earning her first European Championship medals, she made the French team for Beijing 2008 at the age of 18, competing in the 200m medley, the 400m medley and the 4x200m freestyle and finishing 12th, 19th and fifth respectively. Lamenting the fact that the medley lacked the status of other events, she said: “Pellerin asked me to make a choice. I said to myself that I wouldn’t go very far with the medley and that it was time I stuck to the front crawl.”


Her decision to make the switch was vindicated a few months later when she won the world 200m short course title in Dubai in December 2010. Stepping up her training regime, Muffat vowed to push on and set the fastest 200m and 400m times in the world in 2012.

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London 2012

400 metres Freestyle
400 metres Freestyle Swimming
200 metres Freestyle
200 metres Freestyle Swimming
4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay
4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay Swimming
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Beijing 2008

200 metres Individual Medley
200 metres Individual Medley Swimming
400 metres Individual Medley
400 metres Individual Medley Swimming
4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay
4 x 200 metres Freestyle Relay Swimming