Shoma UNO

Pattinaggio di FiguraPattinaggio di Figura
Medaglie Olimpiche
Prima partecipazionePyeongChang 2018
Anno di Nascita1997


Uno Shoma, born on 17 December 1997, is a three-time Olympic figure skating medallist from Japan. He won individual silver at PyeongChang 2018, as well as bronze in both the team and individual events at Beijing 2022 (as of 2 March 2022, the team event results are provisional). The native of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, one of the country's hotbeds for figure skating, is unsurprisingly one of his country's top skaters.

How it all began

Uno took up skating at the age of five after going to the rink for fun initially - though it quickly became more than a hobby. By sheer coincidence, he met Vancouver 2010 silver medallist Asada Mao at a local skate school and was hooked. As stablemates under renowned coach Yamada Machiko, Uno would practise with Asada for five years before she moved her base overseas. Skating was also a form of physical training for young Uno, who was born prematurely and struggled with asthma as a child. Of all the sports his parents had him try, skating was the one he stuck with. Growing up, Uno looked up to another Vancouver 2010 medallist - Takahashi Daisuke (bronze).

I don't want to lose against anyone, bet the person I don't want to lose against most is myself

Shoma UNO

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Shoma uno defeats Yuzuru Hanyu at Japan Nationals 2019/20

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