Tokyo 2020 publications now available on the Olympic World Library

While the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 came to a close just under two months ago, the work of documentation and preservation of all the information and publications related to the Games is only just gaining momentum.


More than 250 official publications related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games held in Tokyo have already been integrated into the library collection of the Olympic Studies Centre (OSC), and are now available on the Olympic World Library (OWL) for future Games organisers, researchers, journalists, students and various other stakeholders in the Olympic Movement to consult freely.

“In total, we are expecting more than 300 publications from the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee,” said Maria Bogner, Head of the OSC. “These include publications such as the Games legacy report, results books, stakeholder guides, and explanatory books about each sport that was part of the programme. Besides these official publications, we have acquired early reflections from leading academics to enrich our collection.”

After each edition of the Games, as the Organising Committee begins to wind down its activities, it sends the full set of books and publications to the OSC. The final Official Report is the last of the official documents to be submitted to the IOC, usually due one year after the closing of the Games.


“The full collection of publications that we preserve not only includes those of the Organising Committee but also those from the International Sports Federations, and National Olympic Committees which are directly related to the Olympic Games,” added Bogner. “Previously, these publications were almost all hard copies which we would then digitise, but that is changing now as we move towards greater sustainability and easy access. We will have less than 50 in hard copy from Tokyo 2020, and the rest are all digital.”

On the Olympic World Library, the Tokyo 2020 publications can be searched by various topics, such as sustainability, legacy, athletes and the sports. The material is invaluable information for historians and researchers, but also for managers of specific functional areas of current and future Organising Committees.

“This process of repatriating all the knowledge and resources of past Games and making these accessible to all our stakeholders is an arduous but crucial one, to preserve the history of the Olympics,” concludes Bogner.

The process begins well before the Games, as is evident from the fact that several publications from Paris 2024 have already found their way to the OSC. This includes the legacy and sustainability strategy, technical specifications of Games venues, engagement strategies and a presentation of new sports proposals and new activities for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

The Olympic World Library is simultaneously a library catalogue, an information portal and a search engine for Olympic knowledge. Through this portal it is possible to access the exclusive and unique collections of the OSC, with all the official Olympic publications, including books, articles and selected papers authored by academics and professionals from all over the world.

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