Paris 2024: economically and socially responsible Games

During an event organised at l’Usine, an event venue in Seine-Saint-Denis, which brought together representatives of the employment, professional integration, training and finance sectors, the Paris 2024 Games organisers announced a totally new approach: between now and 2024, small and medium-sized businesses, the social and solidarity economy, jobseekers and those starting work will receive support to help them take advantage of the economic and professional benefits of the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

This commitment reflects the shared ambition of all the Games stakeholders in an unprecedented joint mobilisation effort. The French state, the Île-de-France region, the Seine-Saint-Denis Departmental Council, the city of Paris, territorial public establishments and social partners have all worked together to design the first specific support measures presented today, and thereby deliver on the commitments made in the Social Charter signed just under a year ago.

Hundreds of contracts directly linked to the Games will be created on a regular basis over the next five years, in sectors ranging from construction to events, private security, catering and hospitality, with the number and frequency speeding up as of 2021.

Because 99 per cent of companies in France are small and medium-sized businesses, Paris 2024, SOLIDEO and all the other stakeholders want them to have access to these contracts. To achieve this, a single point of contact has been created for all the details of these contracts and the support available to firms that need it, the platform.

To ensure that the Games also benefit firms in the social and solidarity economy, specific support measures will be put in place for them via the Paris 2024 solidarity platform, This will make it easier for these firms to contact the big groups in order to create synergies and help them bid for contracts together.

Paris 2024 wanted to go even further, by asking the Centre de Droit et d’Economie du Sport and the Amnyos group to produce a list of jobs, to get an idea of the skillset needs and design appropriate training programmes.

This mapping exercise shows that, over the next five years, 150,000 jobs will be created directly by the preparations for and organisation of the Games. Three sectors will be particularly concerned: construction, organisation and tourism.

Between 2019 and 2024, 150,000 jobs will be created directly by the organisation of the Games, in three main sectors (78,300 for events organisation, 60,000 for tourism and 11,700 for construction):

  • Construction: these jobs will be mainly in 2021, 2022 and 2023;
  • Organisation: these jobs will be throughout the Games preparation period, peaking in 2024;
  • Tourism: all of these jobs will be in 2024.

The following areas will be particularly concerned:

  • Organisation: private security (30,200), catering (10,100), transport and logistics (6,900);
  • Construction: building structures and interiors (5,400) and site management (1,500);
  • Tourism: cooking and catering (13,400), restaurant service (11,700) and transport (8,000).

Five years out from the Games, this proactive approach will allow all those involved in training, professional integration and employment to identify the first measures needed to support people out of work: training, jobseeker support, subsidised employment contracts and apprenticeships.

These measures will be applied to the priority areas of Paris, Seine-Saint-Denis and Île-de-France, to support the territories directly concerned by the organisation of the Games.

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