OVEP 2.0: when sport becomes a school for life

06 Oct 2016
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In its ongoing efforts to inspire young people to adopt healthy, active lifestyles built on the values of friendship, excellence and respect, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has launched a revamped edition of its Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) toolkit.

OVEP ©UNESCO/Mohammad Golchin

The evidence is prevalent. Sport and physical activity are powerful tools for education. Sport can engage and empower young people, building their confidence, and inspiring them to move. Recognising this unique potential of sport, the IOC has updated its series of free and practical learning resources – the OVEP toolkit, version 2.0 – which blends sport with education and cultural expression so as to make learning fun and dynamic and to form well-rounded individuals.

Stimulating young people through play

The toolkit has been re-shaped and enriched with ideas, stories, quizzes and activities featuring new material, a delivery guide, activity sheets and a Resource Library, which provides a rich selection of inspirational resources, from videos to case studies. To empower trainers and stimulate young people through play, this new edition also features an exclusive interactive platform - The Olympic Adventure - teaching schoolchildren life skills and values, and encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle.

Want to get a taste of the Olympic Adventure and learn how it works? Watch the video!

Designed for students from primary to secondary school, OVEP uses the universality of sport in the Olympic context to support teachers and educators with the delivery of a values-based curriculum in and outside school. Based on the Olympic philosophy that learning takes place through a balanced development of both body and mind, the Programme allows young people to experience life values such as excellence, respect and friendship.

Learn more about OVEP and experience the benefits of sport and Olympism as a school for life by visiting: www.olympic.org/ovep.

Download the OVEP toolkit here

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A proven method

While the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have come to a close, the spirit of Olympism and its values will continue in classrooms throughout Brazil. Thanks to the Rio 2016 educational programme, Transforma, over six million pupils at more than 12,000 schools across Brazil and abroad have learned about the Olympic values and experienced new sports for the first time. Transforma works together with public and private schools across the country to create and develop new lessons and activities for schoolchildren that integrate the Games and their values into everyday teaching.

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