Los Angeles 2024 and Paris 2024 delegations welcomed at The Olympic Museum

The Los Angeles 2024 delegation, led by Mayor Eric Garcetti, and the Paris 2024 delegation, led by the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, were welcomed by IOC President Thomas Bach on Monday to The Olympic Museum in Lausanne. On the eve of the Candidate City Briefing 2024 and the 130th IOC Session, both delegations enjoyed a specially curated display from The Olympic Museum’s collection on the Olympic history of Los Angeles and Paris. They also held meetings with the IOC Executive Board.

Los Angeles 2024 and Paris 2024 delegations welcomed at the Olympic Museum IOC/Greg Martin

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, who during the visit signed the IOC’s Golden Book, commented: “At this crazy moment in the world when so much is unsure, let’s bring what we know to be true and what is able to include people back to Los Angeles. The way the Olympic Games unite people, break down barriers, build bridges at a time where there are two many walls in our world. We welcome the IOC EB decision to look at the simultaneous award of two successive Summer Games. This is a win-win-win.”

Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti signing the Golden book at the Olympic Museum IOC/Greg Martin

After a brief address to media, IOC President Thomas Bach closed his remarks by saying: “The candidature of LA2024 has already refreshed and strengthened the close relationship between us. Keep following the sun, L.A.!” 

Los Angeles 2024 delegation and the IOC Executive Board IOC/Greg Martin

During a visit which followed that by the L.A. delegation, French President Emmanuel Macron also signed the IOC’s Golden Book and praised the power of the Olympic values in his address to the media after his delegation’s meeting with the IOC President and the IOC EB, saying: “I bring two things. The first is this candidature, of which I am extremely proud, and for which I will do everything for it to be there and be part of this ‘Win-Win-Win’ that you have just mentioned. And the second is because I think that, today, upholding the Olympic values is something our world needs.” 

President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron signing the Golden book at the Olympic Museum IOC/Greg Martin

President Macron concluded: “We need these values of peace, freedom and tolerance that the Olympic Movement illustrates and embodies in such a fantastic way.”

Addressing 100 media representatives from around the world, IOC President Bach said: “We have seen this enthusiasm in the impressive events organised to celebrate Olympic Day. That was the perfect illustration of the great unity of the Paris candidature, which is supported at all levels, local, regional and national.” 

Paris 2024 delegation and the IOC Executive Board IOC/Greg Martin

Speaking with both delegations, the IOC President also underlined the great quality of the candidatures of Los Angeles and Paris by saying: “Both Los Angeles and Paris are planning to use a record number of existing and temporary facilities in line with Olympic Agenda 2020. That is something we have not seen in this dimension before in the history of the Olympic Games. Such proposals lead to significant cost reductions in the organisation of the Olympic Games. It will set a precedent to make the Games more sustainable and more feasible for the future.”

In the evening, both delegations, Los Angeles 2024 and Paris 2024, were welcomed to a dinner with the IOC members.

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