IOC Consensus Conference on Nutrition in Sport

A group of 30 of the world's best experts in nutrition are meeting for two and half days at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, to discuss nutrition in sports. The conference aims to review the latest developments in the world of sports nutrition, a follow-up since the last conference in 1991, and to draw guidelines to help athletes and coaches to optimize their performance by using nutrition to support training and to maximize their performance in competition.

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Participants represent all 5 continents and are all experts in their fields. They are individuals who have done some of the leading science, some of the most important laboratory investigations, and others whose daily lives are spent working with elite athletes.

At the end of this conference, the group will work on a consensus statement. Following the conference, a book will be published which will include detailed scientific information to help coaches and athletes, plus practical information which people can use on a daily basis. 

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