Gangwon 2024 unveils new “Grow together, shine forever” slogan at the 500-days-to-go mark

06 Sep 2022
IOC News YOG Gangwon 2024

“Grow together, shine forever.” That is the slogan for the Winter Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Gangwon 2024, and was launched at the 500 days-to-go mark of the countdown to the Games. 

“The slogan expresses the pivotal ideas of the Games’ vision: ‘growth, coexistence, harmony, and future’ through the message of the spirit and hope for the future, and the spirit of the growing young people. This marries with the Organising Committee’s vision: ‘Youth celebrating peaceful coexistence and unity through sport to create a better future together’,” said Kim Chulmin, YOGOC’s Secretary General.

The slogan was selected on the basis of feedback from a diverse group of people of different genders, ages and countries of residence.

Gangwon 2024 aims to provide young people with special opportunities, not only to grow through sport, but also for education at all stages of the Games’ preparations, while spreading the Olympic values. 

Some of Gangwon 2024’s 500 Days-to-Go and slogan launch celebrations had to be postponed after the Republic of Korea raised its typhoon alert to its highest level. As a result, another ceremony is now due to take place later this month.

The Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024 will be held between 19 January and 1 February 2024, and will benefit from PyeongChang’s 2018 Olympic Winter Games’ legacy by using some of the same facilities for the YOG. Some 1,900 athletes from around 81 National Olympic Committees are expected to take part. The previous Winter YOG took place in January 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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