Coca-Cola to produce Olympic Pins from “Bird’s Nest” Steel

10 Aug 2007
IOC News Beijing 2008

Coca-Cola will be working with the official pin licensee in China to produce Coca-Cola branded Olympic pins from the same consignment of steel as used in the construction of the Beijing National Stadium.

Earlier this year, Worldwide TOP Partner The Coca-Cola Company hosted a delegation from China, including the team responsible for building the landmark Beijing National Stadium and BOCOG, at its global headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Chinese team presented a gift of a section of steel weighing over 500 kilos which came from the same batch as used in the construction of the innovative Beijing National (or “Bird’s Nest”) stadium. 

The section of steel will remain on display at the world headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta as a lasting memento of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

"By using leftover steel from the Bird’s Nest construction in the manufacture of Coca-Cola pins, we are bringing people closer to the Olympic Games experience, and supporting the pursuit of a "Green Olympics," said David Brooks, Vice-President and General Manager of the Coca-Cola Olympic Project Group.  "It was an honour to host our guests in Atlanta and receive this beautiful memento of our involvement with the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games."
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