Beijing 2022 announces launch of its Marketing Programme

27 Feb 2017
Beijing 2022 IOC News

Today the Organising Committee for the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 marked an important milestone with the launch of its official marketing programme. The President of the Beijing 2022 Organising Committee, Guo Jinlong, and IOC Vice-President Yu Zaiqing participated in a ceremony held in Beijing, and both underlined the importance of the commercial partners to the Olympic Movement.

IOC Vice-President Yu Zaiqing said: “The Beijing 2022 Marketing Programme allows our partners from the business community to associate themselves with the unique appeal and attractiveness of the Olympic Games. In doing so, you are helping us to bring the magic of the Olympic Games to the world and to spread the Olympic values throughout China.”

He also spoke about the impact of Olympic Agenda 2020 on preparations for the Games: “It is noteworthy how quickly Beijing 2022 has embraced the spirit of Olympic Agenda 2020, the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement. Through a strong focus on sustainability and legacy, the Organising Committee is today already laying the foundation for the success of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. This is reflected in the fact that Beijing 2022 has made it mandatory to include sustainability in all areas of planning the Games. In particular, the IOC is pleased that Beijing 2022 intends to use the Games as a catalyst to improve the health of the population, tackle environmental issues and promote sustainable economic growth in the region. These are all objectives in the spirit of Olympic Agenda 2020 to make the Olympic Games fit into the long-term development plan of a city and region.”

Over 400 people attended the event, including representatives from the Organising Committee, the Chinese government, the Chinese National Olympic Committee and the Chinese business community.

Cui Jun

Alexander Zhukov, Chair of the IOC Beijing 2022 Coordination Commission, highlighted that the domestic commercial partners play an essential role in the success of the Games that goes far beyond the financial support. He also stressed the excellent working relationship between Beijing 2022 and the IOC Coordination Commission: “The Games will be a powerful catalyst for the creation of a ‘Sport, Culture and Tourism Belt’ in northern China. Global attention on the Games and new state-of-the-art venues will significantly increase growing interest in winter sport in this market of 300 million people. Games preparations are moving ahead rapidly. We look forward to the latest update tomorrow, but I and the other members of the IOC Coordination Commission have been very impressed by the progress to date.”

The second half of the marketing programme launch event focused on the commercial opportunities the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 will provide in China.

Cui Jun

Timo Lumme, Managing Director of IOC Television and Marketing Services, said: “Chinese businesses and brands are known around the world, and what happens here has ripple effects across the planet. The Olympic world and the business world are inextricably linked. Business partners have supported the Games and Olympic athletes since the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. A marketing relationship with Olympic values is a unique collaboration. Research shows the Olympic rings are consistently among the most recognised brands in the world. This is a unique opportunity for the Chinese business community to support an initiative of national and indeed global importance, to reach new audiences here in China and be associated with an incredible Olympic Winter Games experience.”

Lumme also referred to the IOC’s recent announcement of a major new global partnership with the Alibaba Group. Alibaba is the first company to make a long-term commitment to the IOC through 2028 and the first Chinese company to commit to the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. He said: “Our partnership with Alibaba will advance some very important Olympic Agenda 2020 priorities by providing critical expertise in digital media technology, including supporting the recently launched Olympic Channel here in China in due course.”

Read more on the Beijing 2022 website.

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