2002 Olympic Marketing Fact File

The 2002 Olympic Marketing Fact File, a key reference document on Olympic marketing, has now been published.

The Fact File provides a comprehensive overview of current and past Olympic marketing programmes and a complete overview of Olympic revenue generation and distribution.

The 2002 Fact File covers all marketing aspects of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games – expected to establish several Olympic Winter Games records in Olympic marketing and broadcasting.

The 2002 Fact File highlights key developments in the International Olympic Committee’s and Organising Committee’s marketing programmes and the major changes since the last Olympic Winter Games in the United States – Lake Placid 1980.

· The Salt Lake sponsorship programme has generated more substantial support from fewer partnerships than ever before. In 1980, 231 local partners contributed US$30 million to the Lake Placid Games, whereas 53 local partners are contributing US$850 million for the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games.

· The Olympic Movement expects to generate an estimated US$4,500 million during the 2001-2004 Olympic quadrennium, including the Salt Lake and Athens Olympic Games. This represents an increase of more than 20% from the US$3,600 million generated during the 1997 – 2000 Olympic quadrennium.

· The Salt Lake 2002 Winter Games have established a new benchmark for marketing programmes, generating in excess of US$2,000 million.

· The Salt Lake Games broadcast has generated more revenue than any Olympic Winter Games in history. The IOC will contribute more broadcast revenue to SLOC than to any Olympic Winter Games Organising Committee. Total broadcast revenue from the 1998 Nagano Games was US$513.5 million with the contribution to the OCOG of US$307m. Total broadcast revenue for 2002 Salt Lake games is US$738 million, with a contribution to SLOC of US$443 million.

· The OPUS sponsorship programme is the strongest in the Winter Games history. This has generated a total of over US$840 million.

The Fact File gives a full run down on all Olympic marketing areas including: ticketing, licensing, broadcast, sponsorship, the Olympic Image and global promotional campaign as well as updates on the future organising committees and marketing programmes. An overview of the 1997-2000 quadrennium is also included.

The 2002 Olympic Marketing Fact File can be found on the IOC’s website – www.olympic.org and will also be available at the Games at the Marketing Media Office at the Main Media Centre.
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