History of the Olympic Games

  • Educational Series
    • The Olympic Games in Antiquity
      15 Oct 2015 · 15 pages · Pdf · pdf (1Mo)

      It all started in the Peloponnese, in Greece, around 3,000 years ago. In these pages, you will find out what it meant to be an athlete at that time, which sports were on the programme and the prizes awarded to the winners.

    • The Modern Olympic Games
      15 Oct 2015 · 24 pages · Pdf · pdf (2Mo)

      This document gives a simple and didactic explanation about how one of the greatest contemporary sports events has developed. It shows the similarities and differences between the modern and ancient Olympic Games, using the example of the sports programme, which has expanded over time.

  • Factsheets
    • Legacies of the Games
      01 May 2016 · 10 pages · Pdf · pdf (131Ko)

      Find out about the legacy left by the Olympic Games in this document: infrastructure, transport, the environment, technology, the economy, education, etc.

    • The Olympic Games of Antiquity
      17 Jul 2021 · 3 pages · Pdf · pdf (0.8M)

      From the athletes who made their names at the ancient Games to the sports practised at the time, this document retraces the origins of the Olympic Games, between history and mythology.

    • The Olympic Torch Relay
      15 Oct 2021 · 7 pages · Pdf · pdf (137 Ko)

      When was the first torch relay organised? What are the strangest routes the Olympic flame has taken? This document provides this kind of information, as well as the key facts and figures concerning the torch relay.

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