International Committee
for Fair Play

The International Committee for Fair Play (CIFP), established in 1963, aims to promote the practice of fair play principles, which are essential to sport.

The goal of the Olympic Movement, as stated in the Olympic Charter, is to promote and contribute to the practice of sport in a "spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play". The spirit of fair play includes observance of the rules, respect for one's opponent, and combating violence and unfair behaviour.

Each year, the CIFP awards International Fair Play Prizes on the basis of nominations received by various organisations and the public. Honorary trophies and diplomas are awarded to athletes, ranging from Olympic champions to beginners, chosen for their particular commitment to fair play.

... it takes more than crossing the finish line first to make a champion. A champion is more than a winner. A champion is someone who respects the rules, rejects doping, and competes in the spirit of fair play. Jacques Rogge

The International Committee for Fair Play

Dr Jenö Kamuti

Secretary General
Dr Katalin Gereben

Dózsa György út 1-3
HU-1143 Budapest

Telephone: +36 1 471 4135
Fax: +36 1 221 4130

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