137th IOC Session

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The 137th IOC Session documents:

The 137th IOC Session took place from 10 to 12 March 2021. The Session was organised from Lausanne, Switzerland. The proceedings and the press conferences were all streamed live on this page.

IOC - Greg Martin

There were several key topics on the agenda, including:

  • The Closing Report of Olympic Agenda 2020
  • The election of the IOC President for another term of office
  • The approval of Olympic Agenda 2020+5, the strategic roadmap for the IOC and the Olympic Movement to 2025

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the 137th Session was once again be held in virtual format. Session participants were invited to connect via an electronic platform where they were able to follow the proceedings, participate in the discussions and, crucially, cast their votes in the presidential election.

Given the nature of the electronic platform, only nine participants were visible on screen at any one time. However, anyone taking the floor was visible when speaking. The IOC President chaired the meeting from Olympic House in Lausanne. As with every meeting of the IOC Session, the proceedings were streamed live on YouTube.

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