Double Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu expected to have '2-3 months of treatment' for ankle injury

The Japanese Skating Federation have confirmed the skater is still suffering from the injury he picked up in November.


Double Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu is expected to have 2-3 months of future treatment.

The Japanese Skating Federation have confirmed that the 24-year-old has a "right lateral ankle joint injury, triangular ligament injury, right peroneal muscle tendon injury."

According to the JSF's statement, Hanyu still has "pain and inflammation" in his ankle joint after the injury he picked up on 17 November during the Rostelecom Cup in Russia.

Hanyu to miss World Team Trophy

This latest ankle ligament problem will keep Japan's superstar skater out of the ISU World Team Trophy in April which is set to take place in Fukuoka, Japan.

Hanyu helped Japan to its second World Team Trophy title in the 2016/17 season when he finished first and Shoma Uno second in the men's free skate.

Hanyu delighted the home crowd during the wolds in Saitama. He landed four quads for a season’s best free skate of 206.10 to finish second with a total score of 300.97 but it was not enough to beat American Nathan Chen.

But have no fear 'Fanyus', he'll be back.

Ankle Rankle

An injury in the same ankle almost kept Hanyu out of the Olympics at PyeongChang 2018.

And we all know what happened there.

Skating through the pain has become second nature to Yuzu, he did it in PyeongChang, and he did it again at the Rostelecom Cup in Moscow where he sprained his ankle and he still went out and did his freeskate.

And won.

Hanyu's J-Pop-sized following couldn't contain themselves: "He is just a god of figure skating".

He is a warrior, he gives his all to figure skating. - Fanyu

Afterwards he showed up to the press conference and hobbled into the press room on crutches, winning hearts with every hop.

Get well soon Yuzu!

With the announcement today that Hanyu will undergo 2-3 months of treatment, people have been wishing him well and sending some love.

Hanyu has been here before, he knows his own body and what he's capable of. As coach Orser said:

"Like last year, with a similar injury, he was very smart about his recovery and listening to the physicians and doing the proper physiotherapy. So he is familiar with the situation." - Brian Orser

On the bright side, Yuzuru will not lack for teddy bear company while he's on the treatment table!

Why do fans throw Winnie the Pooh bears at Yuzu?

Find out here.

Let's hope that Yuzu's treatment goes well and we see him back on the ice where he belongs soon.

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