World archery championships 2021: India claims silver medals in women’s and mixed compound team events

Indian archer Jyothi Vennam, with Muskan Kirar and Priya Gurjar won the women’s team compound silver. She paired up with Abhishek Verma for the mixed team silver.

By Rahul Venkat
Picture by World Archery

Jyothi Vennam was part of the Indian women’s and mixed compound teams which won silver medals at the World Archery Championships 2021 in Yankton, USA on Friday.

Early in the afternoon, the women’s compound team of Jyothi Vennam, Muskan Kirar and Priya Gurjar lost the final 229-224 to Colombia’s Sara Lopez, Alejandra Usquiano and Nora Valdez.

The Indian team tied the first set 58-58 and then lost the second set 55-54 after they shot two 8s with 9s and bulls-eye, compared to one 8 by the Colombian team.

In the third and fourth sets, Colombia’s archers never shot below 9 and comfortably won both sets 58-56 to win the gold medal.

In the day’s final match, the pair of Jyothi Vennam and Abhishek Verma, an Asian Games gold-medallist, lost the mixed team compound final 154-150 to Colombian pair Sara Lopez and Daniel Munoz.

The Indian pair won the first set 39-38 as they shot three 10s and a 9, compared to two 9s and 10s by the Colombians.

Lopez-Munoz won the second set 39-36 with three 10s and a 9, as the Indians only managed a 10, two 9s and one 8. This gave Colombia an overall lead of 77-75.

The Colombian pair shot four 10s in the third set to win it 40-36, extending their lead to six points.

Jyothi-Abhishek won the fourth set 39-37, shooting three 10s and a 9 but the Colombian pair had done enough to maintain their overall lead and won the gold medal.

This is Jyothi Vennam’s third silver medal overall at the World Championships.

Both Jyothi Vennam and Abhishek Verma will be in contention for the individual compound medals on Saturday.

Jyothi Vennam faces Croatia’s Amanda Mlinaric in the women’s individual compound quarter-finals while Abhishek Verma takes on Dutchman Mike Schloesser in the final eight of the men’s individual compound event.