Welcome to Rio Olympic Park!

Picture by Getty

Built in the Barra zone to the west of the Brazilian megalopolis, on the site of the old Jacarepagu√° race track, Rio Olympic Park is almost finished. A visit by drone confirms that this is true!

We fly first over the Carioca Arenas, where the basketball, judo, taekwondo, wrestling and fencing competitions will be held. On the edge of these three linked circular buildings, we find the Future Arena, a square-shaped building which will host the handball events.

Then, on the other side of the Olympic Boulevard, there is the Aquatics Stadium, home to some of the swimming events, immediately recognisable by its suspended umbrella roof resting on four masts. On the other side of the Carioca Arenas we find the Velodrome, where the track cycling competitions will be held. Finally, we arrive over the tennis complex, with its central court and all the other courts. The broadcast and main press centres are located close by.


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