Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic mascots make official debuts

Thousands of children and adults across Japan turned out to meet the Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascot and Paralympic mascot as they made their official debuts on Sunday when their names were revealed. 

Picture by Tokyo 2020

The Olympic mascot is called Miraitowa, which is derived from the Japanese words

(future) and

(eternity). This name was chosen to promote a future full of eternal hope in the hearts of people all over the world.

Miraitowa’s head and body display the same indigo blue ichimatsu-patterns as the Tokyo 2020 Games emblem. The mascot’s personality is derived from a traditional Japanese proverb that means “to learn old things well and to acquire new knowledge from them”. 

It therefore has an old-fashioned character that respects tradition, but is also innovative and in tune with cutting-edge technology. Miraitowa has a strong sense of justice and is very athletic. 

Miraitowa lives in the digital world, but can move freely to the real world via the internet. It also has the special skill to be able to go anywhere instantaneously via teleportation. 

During the naming ceremony at the Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, Miraitowa, together with the Paralympic mascot, Someity, demonstrated its special talents by teleporting from Hibiya, in the centre of modern Tokyo, to Asakusa, the centre of old Tokyo. 

After leaving the Hibiya events, the mascots showed up on a boat in Asakusa, and cruised down the Sumida River, greeting fans lining the river along the way. 

The announcement of the mascot names comes after more than 75 per cent of elementary schools in Japan, as well as a number of overseas Japanese schools, took part in a selection process to vote for their favourite set of mascot designs.