Skateboarding and BMX superstars to heat up Buenos Aires’ Urban Park

Several world champions in BMX freestyle and skateboarding from Australia, Brazil and the United States will be in Buenos Aires this Sunday to ride through the Urban Park of the Youth Olympic Games 2018, together with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Some 15,000 spectators are expected to watch this spectacular show.


Porteños and fans of the Youth Olympic Games will discover Buenos Aires’ innovative Urban Park through showcasing and initiations sessions in skateboarding and BMX freestyle.

On Sunday 7 October, from 2.30 to 3.30 p.m., big names will lead an impressive line-up of champions, who will show off their skills:

They will be riding along with 15 Argentinian skateboarders and BMX freestylers in front of a crowd of local fans and international YOG spectators, who can access the venue thanks to the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Pass, an electronic bracelet that gives recipients free access to the four Youth Olympic Parks and the competition venues in the Argentinian capital.

Highlights of the day will also include an initiation in skateboarding with Tony Hawk, one of the most influential skateboarders of all time, who will keep a close eye on what’s happening at the YOG.

Skateboarding and BMX superstars to heat up Buenos Aires’ Urban Park

“The thing I’m looking forward to most at the YOG is to see the athletes from all over the world, because skateboarding is obviously new to the Olympics coming into 2020; and so there is going to be a whole influx of skaters from countries that we’ve never realised had skate scenes,” said Hawk.

“So I’m looking forward to seeing which countries are represented and to see all the athletes from all over. I mean, that it what the Olympics are all about, bringing the world together through sport,” he continued.

The Urban Park: Supporting youth and street culture

Not only will the event showcase the skills of international superstars, it will also turn the spotlight on the innovative features of the Youth Olympic Games’ Urban Park. Located to the east of the city, by the Rio de le Plata, the Urban Park represents youth and street culture in the youngest neighbourhood of Buenos Aires.

This park looks to highlight the sports with a loyal youth following, including sport climbing and breaking, 3x3 basketball and BMX freestyle –which make their debut on the Olympic programme, but will also showcase traditional sports in adapted formats, as canoeing and rowing.

This cluster format, powered-up by an artistic intervention on the field of play, offers a glimpse into the future of the Games, which are becoming more youthful and more urban by bringing together sports either ‘born’ in the streets or ‘brought’ to the streets of the host cities.

During the YOG, the ‘bring your board’ concept will invite spectators to come to the park with their own skateboards or roller skates, and a dedicated area will be set for them to practice their favourite sport in between competitions.

The concept of Urban Park will be replicated for the first time in Tokyo for the Olympic Games 2020.

Join the event on Sunday 7 October at 2.30p.m. at the Urban Park, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires. Free access with the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Pass.


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