Biles coach Cecile Landi hints at difficult floor routine to come

A fan video of Simone Biles leads to hints of upgrades to come for the four-time Olympic champion

By Scott Bregman

Four-time Olympic gymnastics champion Simone Biles, the only woman to win five World all-around titles, has posted training videos in recent months showing even more gravity-defying elements, and it’s given her fans a few ideas.

One, @flipflytumble on Twitter, posted a “dream routine” for the American superstar on Sunday, combining Biles’ trademark triple-double from last season's floor routine with training footage where Biles does a double layout to double back. The user even combined two separate training videos into one, for an ultimate dream maneuver.

“have yall lost your minds 🤣,” Biles said in a quote tweet of the video on Sunday. “I can’t even fathom.”

The video shows how the elements would be evaluated by judges, totaling an incredible 7.7 difficulty score. For reference, Biles earned a 6.7 difficulty score when she won the apparatus final at the 2019 World Championships in Germany, and a one-point jump would be nearly impossible.

After suggestions that Biles should worry about coach Laurent Landi, known for helping her push the envelope in the sport, seeing the video, Biles tweeted, “he doesn’t have social media, I’m safe! I can sleep peacefully at night.”

Then, enter Landi’s wife, Cecile, who promised not to share the video with her husband but said it likely wasn’t necessary for inspiration.

“🤣 🤣 🤣 No worries, he never has to know 😉😉,” said Landi, who represented France at Atlanta 1996. “but honestly he doesn’t need any help coming up with a 7+ floor routine.”

Later, Landi, responding to fans excited at the possibility, tempered expectations: “Time will tell… but 1st let’s all do what we can to make sure the 2021 season happens!!!"