Shoma Uno targets quintuple jump in practice

No figure skater has ever completed a five-rotation jump in competition

Shoma Uno has said he intends to practise a quintuple jump.

The feat would involve a figure skater completing five full rotations in the air and landing successfully. No quintuple jump has ever been attempted in a competition before.

Olympic silver medallist Uno told Japanese media, “I did say that I will not do more than four revolutions because of the risk of injury, including the lutz, but I want to practice with more revolutions in mind."

“I tend to over-rotate my toe loops so perhaps I could practice a bit with my toe loops," the 21-year-old added at the World Team Trophy in his native Japan.

"I could publicly say that I will practice [the quintuple] and always say that I will not do it in competition. But I will continue to practice.”

Uncharted territory for figure skaters

Uno had previously told Olympic Channel that a quint "requires a high level of technique and you might get injured."

It's uncharted territory for us as there is no-one that ever landed it before. But if someone hit a quintuple then many skaters would follow. - Shoma Uno to Olympic Channel

You can watch Uno talking about quintuple jumps here:

Uno was speaking following his performance in the men's free skate section of the team competition in Fukuoka, where he finished third. There, he attempted a daring triple axel, quadruple toeloop combination but fell on the second jump.

The Japanese skater also revealed a jump he was less keen on, saying "[I'm] not sure about the quad axel, I don’t think that suits me, to be honest."

Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu, also of Japan, has previously said he plans to work on the four-and-a-half rotation quad axel, a feat nobody has yet achieved.