Mondo Duplantis defends European pole vault title in Munich

The Swedish superstar cleared 6.06m to set a new championship record and claim his 19th consecutive victory: "I don't really keep track of them, but they were against the best guys in the world," he said.

By Ash Tulloch
Picture by 2022 Getty Images

Mondo Duplantis set a new championship record to become double European pole vault champion on Saturday (20 August).

Once again the 22-year-old proved to be in a class of his own by recording five first-time clearances, the last one at 6.06m, to claim his 19th consecutive win.

"I don't really keep track of that kind of stuff, but in these 19 competitions for the most part it was against the best guys in the world every time," he said after his victory.

"I know that if I jump the way that I know I can and I'm capable of, then everything should work out okay."

The Swede chose to not continue vaulting, satisfied with his gold. He didn't attempt to break his world record of 6.21m, which he set last month at the World Athletics Championships in Oregon.

Silver went to Germany's Bo Kanda Lita Baehre (5.85) and bronze to Norway's Pal Haugen Lillefosse (5.75).

"It was a great evening. Considering the situation and circumstances, I cannot complain. It was very special for me today," the Olympic, world and now double European champion said.

"I was just focused on winning. I am just glad that everything worked out the way as it did tonight."

"I think this season, I have experienced all kinds of situations and these championships were very special to me. The crowd was very special, it is a special place here.

"The place where I will go when this is over? Maybe a couple of days in Italy, it is a kind of a fun place. And then I will see, I want to spend the time with the closest ones and we will see."

Asked how he would summarise his season so far Mondo replied: "It's been quite great, but I have three competitions left so the job is not quite finished."


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