Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic Games emblem: And the winner is...

For the first time ever, the public have voted for the Olympic and Paralympic Games logos. Find out which of the two options were selected.

By Andrew Binner

The voting has ended, and the winning design for the emblem of the Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games has been chosen.

The winning 'Logo Futura' was revealed in an online live stream announcement from the Milano Cortina Organising Committee on Tuesday (30 March), having captured 74 per cent of the 871,000 votes.

It is the first time in the history of the Olympics that a popular vote has decided the Games emblem.

Votes were cast online on the website by the public.

The two shortlisted emblems, referred to as the "Logo Dado" and "Logo Futura", were unveiled on Saturday (6 March) as part of the 2021 Sanremo Music Festival's final night before people were given the chance to choose their favourite.

Speaking about the dicision, the IOC’s Milano Cortina 2026 Coordination Commission Chair, Sari Essayah, said: “Congratulations to Milano Cortina 2026 on its new emblem. Influenced by the themes of sport, solidarity and sustainability, ‘Futura’ illustrates a dynamic and modern design that reflects some the fundamental values of its Olympic and the Paralympic Winter Games.”

She continued: “Milano Cortina 2026’s strategy for a people-centric Games builds on the belief that we are stronger together – evident in its engagement of the wider public in this decision-making process. Its determination to make Italy fall in love with the Games and the world to fall in love with Italy has been evident throughout this global initiative. We’re certain this affection will continue to grow over the next five years, inspired by this unique emblem design.”

Milano Cortina 2026: Logo Futura

Futura aims to evoke a sense of integration and consciousness that any single action has the power to contribute to a world which is more sustainable and fairer for all.

"The smallest and most natural gestures can change the world," its video says. "In sport and in life, great victories are won day by day, gesture by gesture.

"The Olympics and Paralympics are a unique opportunity to leave a lasting and beautiful mark. Milano Cortina 2026: the future is a victory for all."

This emblem is made up of the number 26 in one single trace, with Milano Cortina 2026 explaining: "Think of the gesture of a child. A simple, spontaneous gesture that comes to life on a misted glass, revealing what is beneath, and tracing the number 26 on the surface.

"A journey made of gestures begins: the sign becomes a window revealing colourful sporting and everyday pictures. In a continuous comparison between sporting and daily actions, a story of images accompanies us on a dualistic path allowing us to fully understand the meaning of the logo."

The words "Milano Cortina 2026" and the Olympic Rings or Paralympic Agitos (as appropriate) complete the emblem at the bottom.

The 2026 Winter Olympics were awarded to Milano-Cortina in June 2019.

The Games are due to take place from 6-26 February 2026, four years after Beijing 2022.


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